Exodus 15; 26   He said,  “If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do which is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.”     

Acts 9:34  “Aeneas”, Peter said to him, “Jesus Christ heals you.  Get up and take care of your mat.”  Immediately Aeneas got up.  


NOW WORD: The Lord your God is your healer.  He will heal you in body, soul and spirit. God will heal you from all your ailments. Healing from a stressed marriage, broken relationships, financial lack and all that you have been fighting against.

The secret is:

1. Listen carefully to the lord your God.

2. Do what is right in His eyes.

3. Be obedient to His Word.

4. Keep all His decrees.

Receive your healing today for this is the plan of God for your life. Now walk in your healing because Jesus Christ has set you free.

I believe the Lord says to you, ‘Speak healing to your circumstance and declare the Name of Jesus Christ over yourself and I will heal you”.

My prayer for you is:  Father God I call on You today in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Healer. I proclaim healing to your child in the Name of Jesus Christ.  I declare that You Lord God are the Healer, and I give You all the praise and honour for the healing of your child today. I thank You Lord God that none of the diseases that came upon the Egyptians will even come near Your child. I thank you Father God that from today Your child walks in their full healing. Come Lord God and be exalted in and through their life this day.  Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Lord God, I come to You today in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ my Healer. I choose to listen to Your Voice. I will walk in Your righteousness and I will be obedient to Your Word. I commit to keeping all your decrees and I thank You Father God that I am healed because of the wounds of Jesus Christ, and not because of what I do. I choose to follow You, because You are good. I exalt You in all I do and I thank You for the miracle that You are doing in my life and through me this day.  Amen

If you would like me to pray for you – please email me

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PLEASE PRAY into my ministry schedule

02-04 Aug. – Lion of Judah Ministries, Ulundi

23-25 Aug. – The Prophets Camp, Emdoneni Cheetah Lodge

26 Aug – 10 Sep. South Korea

26 Monday Depart RSA
27 Tuesday ARRIVE 
28 Wednesday Seoul Peace Church
29 Thursday  Seoul Peace Church
30 Friday    Seoul Peace Church 
31 Saturday  FREE TIME
01Sunday     Seoul Vineyard Church
02 Monday    Vision River Church – Chung Ju 010 4309-0153
03 Tuesday   Vision River Church 
04 Wednesday Vision River Church 
05 Thursday  Zion Church Daejon City    Ps. Cho  - 01043090153.
06 Friday    Indong Central Church – Gumi
07 Saturday  Indong Central Church 
08 Sunday    Indong Central Church 
09 Monday    Depart Korea 
10 Tuesday   Arrive RSA
13-15 Aug. – City Wide Prophetic Conference, Paarl, Cape
01 Sep – 04 Oct. – Prophet/Pastors Conference, Siteki, Swaziland
23-27 Sep. – Vineyard National Conference, KZN
7,14,21,18 Oct & 5,11,18,25 Nov. – The School of the Prophets. Sarepta Church, Gillitts
15 Nov. –  The Prophetic Gathering, Sarepta Church
03-15 Dec. -South Korea and Hong Kong


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The Now WORD of GOD

Colossians 1: 27

“…God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory.”


THE NOW WORD: You are called by His Name, to show His Glory to all those around you. You have the hope of Christ in you that is greater than any other hope or desire. In the face of every challenge, obstacle, trial and negative circumstance, God will prove Himself faithful and Christ will be exalted in you and through you. This is the hope of Christ. It is not human hope, wishful desires or dreams of breakthrough. This is the faith of God that Christ in you, the hope of Glory will be exalted through you. Have the faith of God and agree now with God and be in peace, then good will come to you. (Job 22;21)  Align yourself with God, submit to the work of the Holy Spirit in your life, grow up before you grow old and daily manifest His glory to the all around you. Amen

My prayer for you is: Father God I call on You today to touch Your child and show Yourself and Your glory to them and through them. Father God, we know that light dispels darkness and I ask You to cause Your Light to shine brighter each day with increasing glory in their life. I pray that they will not only have their own hope in action, but they will see Your hope manifest the Glory of Your presence in their life. I pray that as you draw near to God, agree and align yourself with God, you will see His glory in your life.  I pray tat the challenges you face today will dissipate and melt like wax before the glory of God that shines through you. Amen

Please pray this over yourself:  Father God, I call on You today for Your glory to radiate through me. I pray that Your hope will arise in me and Your Name will be exalted in my life. I desire Your presence so very much and thank You Father God that You will complete the good work that You began in me. You have called me  by name and You have given to me Your Son Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I totally submit myself to You in all I do and consecrate myself holy to You. Thank You Father God that it is Your hope that will cause Christ in me to be made manifest. I choose to align myself with You and submit to Your will and way in my life. Let Your glory be seen. Less of me and more of You. Your Name be exalted in me and through me today, from this day forward. Amen

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The Now Word of God

Luke 1: 41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped inside her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit

THE NOW WORD: Like the baby heard the sound of Mary’s voice, so the Lord will open your ears and cause you to hear the sweet sounds of victory and romance. The Lord will open your ears to hear, and all those around will know that your ears have been opened. You will hear the voice of the Lord in your heart and you will hear the voice of the Lord with your ears. God is not mute. The voice of the Lord is speaking day and night and His plan for you is to reveal to you the secrets of His heart. The Lord will whisper His love to you and speak to you in the quite places as well as in the noisy places. The voice of the Lord thunders above every storm. Stand still and listen to the beauty of your lover. The Lord is saying to you, ‘I will touch you, and open your ears to hear My voice, to know My sound, the rhythms of My heart beat and the sound of My breath. I will fill all your senses with My Spirit and give to you joy at the sound of My Voice.’ Amen

My prayer for you is: Thank you Lord God for breathing Life into Your child, and for speaking Your Word over and into Your child. Thank You Father God that Your Word gives life and the sound of Your Voice has opened their ears to hear and receive. I pray that they will not take for granted the ability to hear, but that they will fine tune their hearing and incline their ears to listen to Your voice. Come Lord God and touch them today and open their ears to hear the Voice of the their Father. I pray that they will hear the songs of Heaven and will not clutter their hearing with other sounds that bring deafness. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to touch me from the inside out. Open my spiritual ears and sharpen my natural hearing to hear Your Voice. I desire to hear more clear then before. I know that You are speaking, the challenge is, I am not listening. Touch me Lord God in the deepest parts of my life and open my ears to hear Your voice. I desire to know You in the deepest way. I desire to hear the sound of Heaven and to have perfect clear hearing. Restore to me all that I have lost. I call on You Father God and choose to listen to Your Voice. My desire is to know You more intimately then before. I love You and bless You and thank You for Your Word. Amen
from Mark Visser –

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Prophecy for today:

I am coming to touch my house once again.
I am calling my bride for a face-lift.
I am the Lord that heals you and I the Lord am coming again to touch you by My Spirit and cause you to have a face lift. The operation that I am about to perform on you my bride WILL TRANSFORM YOU SO MUCH into my image likeness that many around you will not recognize you for the change that has taken place.
I am calling you to lift up your head toward the mountain’s where your help comes from. For your help comes from Me the Lord, the maker of heaven and the maker of earth. Some of you will say, that is not the Lord and the Lord does not work in that fashion. But, I the Lord say to you that many will suffer tension in the neck while others will suffer from whiplash and others will die from a broken neck. There are those who will frown on what I am about to do, some will scorn and others jeer and laugh. Do not associate yourself with those who will not have a part of My move, for I am coming to change the face of the church. The way you have seen the church to be, will cease to exist. For my children come to Me day after day and cry out to me for understanding and revelation. I will come to them and blow on their garden. I will blow from the east, the west, the north and the south. I will release fresh rain of My Spirit on My people and they will come to Me. As of now many have come to Me through a priest, a pastor, a prophet, a teacher, a leader and an apostle. I say to you that I am calling my beloved to look to Me. Lift up your head for I will reveal Myself to you and show you the secrets of My heart. Your revelation of Me will not be the revelation that someone else has of Me. Your revelation of me will be the revelation that I reveal to you as you look into My Face. In the light of this I will change the face of My bride to such an extent that the way you have seen the church in the past will not be the same way you see the church in future. The Image that my bride will carry will be My very image. Come now and press into Me. Come let Me show you, who I am. Many have told you, who I am, and you have heard of the revelation that others have had. Come let me give you the Face Lift that is needed to change your perspective of who I am.
Do not be afraid of what you will see. Many will fall off their lofty thrones. I come with purifying fire as you press into Me. I will cause My rain of righteousness to start in My house. A fear for presence will descend on my house and those who do not submit to righteousness will be removed from the house. I will cause judgement to begin in the house. I say to you, what you read in the book of Acts concerning Ananias and Sapphira, will come upon this house in the these days. I will send my purifying fire once again. Do not be afraid. Stand true to My Word and you will stand secure. You will see the leaders fall, be exposed and die in the seat of authority. What happened to Eli the priest will happen again. Except, this time it will be behind the coffins that men have made to preach from. Men have made themselves thrones and platforms that have separates them from My presence. Now they continue to preach slanderous accusations against those who are My true and anointed sons and daughters. I say to them, Woe to you Bethsaida and woe to you Chorazin, for you have lifted your hand against your brother and against sister. It would have been better for you to lift your hand against yourself than to raise your hand against your own family. I say to you that I will show mercy to many of you and remove you from your position so that your soul may not be destroyed.
I call you to march out in My authority. Look up and see that I am the Lord and I go before you to give you the victory. I give you the victory in your own life. I give you the victory in your family; I give you the victory in your country. I give you the victory, in MY CHURCH.

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지금 주시는 하나님의 말씀

예레미야 31:3

옛적에 여화와께서 나에게 나타나사 내가 영원한 사랑으로 너를 사랑하기에 인자함으로 너를 이끌었다 하였노라.”

지금 주시는 말씀: 나에게 가까이 오라. 내가 네게 가까이 갈 것이다. 시간 이전부터 주님께서는 당신을 사랑하셨습니다. 모태 전부터 주님께서는 당신을 사랑하셨습니다. 가장 깊고 어두운 골짜기 속에서도 그 분의 사랑은 당신을 향합니다. 당신이 성공의 가장 높은 곳에 있을 때도 주님은 당신을 사랑하십니다. 낙담하거나 절망하지 마십시오. 당신을 향한 하나님의 사랑은 그 모든 것을 통과하여 당신과 함께 있을 것입니다. 하나님은 당신을 대적하는 그 어떤 것으로부터도 당신을 구하기에 신실하십니다. 그분께 마음을 두고 완전한 평안 안에 당신이 거하게 하십시오. 계절은 오고가며 당신을 통과하나 주님의 사랑은 여전히 그곳에 있을 것입니다. 아멘.

당신을 향한 저의 기도입니다: 주하나님 당신의 자녀를 향하신 신실하심에 감사드립니다. 그들이 당신을 알지 못할 때나 관심이 없을 때 조차도 당신께서 사랑으로 당신 곁으로 그들을 이끄심에 감사드립니다. 아버지 하나님, 당신은 보시고 그들이 지금 직면한 도전을 알고계십니다. 주 하나님 오셔서 그들에게 당신의 사랑을 보여주시옵소서. 그들의 눈을 여셔서 당신의 위대하신 사랑을 보게 하소서. 당신의 사랑으로 그들의 감각을 채워주시고 모든 상황 속에서 그들의 마음을 지키도록 도와주시옵소서. 그들의 마음이 당신에게 머물도록 기도합니다. 아멘.

스스로를 위해 기도하십시오: 아버지 하나님, 오늘 오셔서 저를 만지시고 축복하시길 요청합니다. 저에게서 불안감을 제거하시고 당신의 사랑이 저를 감싸신 것을 알게 하소서. 제 눈을 당신에게 머물게 하기로 선택합니다. 나를 대적하는 것들이 있지만 저는 당신의 위대하신 사랑 때문에 흔들리지 않을 것을 압니다. 저는 당신을 사랑합니다. 송축합니다. 당신의 손에 내 인생을 두소서. 아멘.

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School of the PROPHETS

Sharpen your prophetic edge.
For 8 Monday nights from 06;30 – 09;00 in October & November 2013
You will receive prophetic equipping, impartation and experience.
Venue: Sarepta Church – 11 Old Main Rd. Gillitts, South Africa

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Jeremiah 31;3 The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you.”
THE NOW WORD: Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Before time was the Lord Loved you. Before you were formed in your mothers womb, the Lord Loved you. In the deepest and darkest valley His Love is there for you. On the highest mountain at the peak of your success, the Lord Loves you. Do not grow despondent and do not be despaired, the Love of God for you will stay with you through it all. God is faithful to redeem you and save you from whatever comes against you. Keep your mind stayed on Him and He will keep you in perfect peace. Seasons come and go and the season you will pass by, but the Love of the Lord will remain. Amen
My prayer for you is: Thank you Lord God for Your faithfulness to Your child. Thank you that even when they did not know You or care about You, You were drawing them into Your side with Love. Father God, You see and You know the challenge they are facing right now, come Lord God and show Your Love to them. Open their eyes and let them see Your great love. Fill their senses with Love and help them to guard their heart in all circumstances. I pray that they will keep their mind stayed on You. Amen
Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to come and touch me and bless me. Remove from me my insecurities and let me know that Your Love enfolds me. I choose to keep my eyes stayed on You. Despite what comes against me, I know that I will not be moved, because of Your great Love. I love you and bless You and place my life in Your hands. Amen

If you need prayer – please do email me

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Luke 16; 13  No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mommon.

The NOW WORD. The promise of God is YES. The Lord your God is faithful to save you in body, soul and spirit. Release your burdens to the Lord, repent before your God and turn away from all that separates you from the Lord. God will give to you the ability to overcome and will bless the works of your hands to generate wealth. You have been taken out of Egypt and God will take the Egypt out of you. Worship the Lord in your drought and He will cause rain to fall on your parched land and He will bring growth to you and cause your to prosper.

My prayer for you. Father God, come and touch your child and save them from the snares of the devil. Remove from their shoulder the burden of debt, and let them walk before you free from all that has weighed them down. Give to them a debt elimination program and reveal to them Your strategy of walking free from the spirit of mommon. Father God I ask You to bless Your child and cause their seed not dry up. I pray that their work will be rewarded and they will have more than enough. Touch Your child, give to them increase and cause them to prosper. Amen

Please pray this over yourself. Lord God, I come to You now and I thank You for Your blessing that flows to me and through me. I choose to honor you in areas of my life and I consecrate the works of my hands holy to you. I bless you with my offerings and my tithes and rejoice because You are the God of increase. Thank You Lord God that You deliver me from all debt and take me from bondage to freedom. I commit to you my ways and I choose not to follow the ways of this world and put my trust in You. Amen

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Psalm 4; 5 “Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord.”

NOW WORD: God is faithful and true. He will never let you down and He will never fail you. Present yourself as the offering of righteousness. Bring yourself today as a living sacrifice, in fear and trembling come and worship the Lord. Do not afraid, draw near in reverence for YAHWEH is holy. Come offer your sacrifices and put your trust in the Lord. God will redeem your day and He hear you when you call. Psalm 4; 4 sais that when you lie on your bed, be still in your heart and meditate on these things. Draw near today and watch what the Lord will do for you.

My prayer for you is: Father God, I call on You today to receive Your child. Receive the sacrifice they bring to You. Lord God come and open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain. As Your child comes to You in worship and brings a sacrifice of praise, receive it this day and redeem Your child. Thank You Father God for the work that is done on the cross and thank You for what you are about to do. We give You all the glory and praise for You will cause Your child to dwell in safety. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS PRAYER OVER YOURSELF. I worship You and bless Your holy Name. I come before You and lay my life down at Your feet. I bring to You my life offering. Take from me today all that I am and all that I have. I commit to You my all. I surrender to You my everything. I confess my faults and weaknesses and come to You in repentance and seek Your Mercy. Show me Your Mercy Lord God, I put my trust in You. I thank You that You are my righteousness and You are my salvation. I love You and bless Your holy Name. Amen

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