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EXPECTATION for 2019 – 기대는 기적이 자라나는 곳입니다.

Expectation is the breeding ground for your miracle.   What are your expectations for 2019?   The Word expectation is written 6 times in the Bible. 3 times in the Old Testament and 3 times in the New Testament. Expectation is used 5 times in a negative context and once in the positive context. When you look at your future and all you can see is a doom and gloom on the horizon, then change … Continue reading

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2019 – 5779 (5779-Hebraic calendar)

THE YEAR THAT THE CROOKED IS MADE STRAIGHT. 2019 will be the year of establishing your destiny. The year of permanent change. The year the crooked past is ceased and destiny established and made straight. In the year 2019, the year of Haphakpak (הֲפַכְפַּך) you will see in a world of crookedness and deceit all that is crooked become more twisted in its way and self destructive in its purpose and design. In the year … Continue reading

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Become a partner with Mark and Caron. Everywhere God sends them, you go too. You are there with delivering The Now Word of God and standing as a prophet to the nations, delivering insights to presidents and dignitaries; providing financial support to those in need, and ministering hope and love to the lowliest of souls. In all of these things, you are there with them. As partners, you become a vital part of this outreach … Continue reading

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