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2019 – 5779 (5779-Hebraic calendar)


2019 will be the year of establishing your destiny.

The year of permanent change.

The year the crooked past is ceased and destiny established and made straight.

In the year 2019, the year of Haphakpak (הֲפַכְפַּך) you will see in a world of crookedness and deceit all that is crooked become more twisted in its way and self destructive in its purpose and design.

In the year 2019, the year of Haphakpak (הֲפַכְפַּך) you will see in The Rightous and the pure of heart rise up and be established as pillars of righteousness in a world of crookedness and deceit.

I see the twisted, crooked deceitful ways of man becoming the very downfall of the same person. I see this web of deceit they create, wrap around themselves, binding themselves, causing themselves to become immobile and restrained by their own deceitful ways.

I see the the path of the pure being established and made straight. I see the very foundations of the pure being established, strengthened and increase in perimeter and depth. 

The ways of the righteous will be lifted high and the ways of the crooked will come to nothing.

I see the very ways of the crooked will always be crooked, even being exposed in parallel lines of deciept for all to see. 

The ways of the crooked will always be crooked, even when attempted to have a form straightness, the crooked will be twisted.

The pure and the righteous will be seen with greater exposure of My Glory than ever before. 

This is the year of Holy convocation. Leviticus 23;27

The Lord will reveal and expose those who are crooked in motive and lift those up who are pure of heart.

International organizations and Governments will stumble by their own crooked ways in 2019.

The International Leaders and Government Leaders who are separated to The Lord and pure in heart will have their path straightened and will be established in all they do. 

Those who are hiding behind a web of deceit will be exposed. 

Where sin increases, Grace much abounds.

Revival will be exponential and the path of Truth will be made into a Highway

There will be Spirit fires all over at the same time while gentle rain of peace will fall in areas of drought and barrenness. 

International laws will change and straight lines will be drawn.  

Government Leaders and international Leaders will call a Holy Assembly, a Holy Convocation. 

While government leaders and international leaders of crooked ways will be exposed in a game thrones for who is set to be king among nations. 

We will see in 2019 the year 5779, the year of Haphakpak (הֲפַכְפַּך), we will see the Rightous be untangled from the crooked ways of the world and be a shining light to all the world in unity. 

The greatest of inventions will take place in 2019 and the crown will sit on my Bride. 

A wall protection shine and those who are crooked will not perceive the light that is around Israel.  

The Lord has not forgotten His covenant of blessing and protection to Israel and to all who bless Israel.   

Israel and USA will have bi-lateral and co-lateral agreements of solidarity and unity to build on the fundamentals of the covenants God made with Israel. 

We will see South Korea join as a tri-nation in these bi-lateral agreements. 

I see the plumb line of The Word of God (The Word of Truth) straighten out the crooked ways in nations and Truth will prevail.

In 2019 the year 5779, the year of Haphakpak, there will be an awakening of revival in families, communities and throughout states and countries. 

Like a level 5 storm, The Holy Spirit will come in like flood in 2019 the year 5779, the year of Haphakpak and sweep through nations bringing repentance to the very core of society.  

Fathers to sons, husbands and wives, daughters of righteousness and families living to honor God.

There will be a uniting for Truth and establishing of destiny for the next season to follow.

Sin where abounds, Grace much more abounds.

The crooked paths will be exposed and brought low. The straight path will be lifted high and established.


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하나님께서이두사람을보내는곳이라면어디든지, 여러분또한함께가게됩니다. 여러분은“지금주시는말씀”을운반하는일과, 열방들에나아가는선지자로서서있는일, 대통령들과고위직에있는사람들에게통찰을제공하는일, 궁핍한사람들에게재정적인공급함을제공하는일, 가장낮은곳에있는영혼들에게사랑과소망을가지고사역하는일, 이모든것에함께하게됩니다. 이모든일가운데, 여러분이그들과함께한다는뜻입니다. 동역자로서, 여러분은열방들에나아가는일에핵심적인역할을감당하게되며, 선지자의상급을받는자가됩니다(마10:41-42).