Psalm 91:3

“The Lord will keep you safe from secret traps and deadly diseases.”

THE NOW WORD: The Lord your God is a healing God. No weapon formed against you will prosper and no tongue that is raised against you will stand. The Lord will protect you from what you do not see and from what you are not aware of. The Lord your God is your Shield and your Banner and He will lead you even when you don’t know what is happening and why things are happening to you or against you, He will keep His hand on you and show you His way and His Glory. He will direct your steps through this season of life and He will lead you by still waters and He will comfort you and surround you. The Lord your God will redeem you and lift you up. The traps of the enemy and the deadly diseases that the enemy will try to impose on you will not hold you down. The Lord your God will protect you and keep you safe.

My prayer for you is: Father God I call on You today to come and touch Your child. Heal them Lord God from the inside out. Touch and heal their thinking. Bring healing to their mind, their will and emotions. Lord God, protect Your child from the schemes of the wicked one and cause Your child to walk holy before You with joy each day. Come Lord God and pour out holy fire in their life and open their eyes to the spirit realm in Jesus Name. Thank You Father God that no harm or destruction will come upon them, and that they will walk in Your full healing. Thank You Father God that what was stolen and taken away from them in the past will be restored to them 7 fold. You Lord God are worthy of our praise and we exalt You for what You have done and for what You are about to do. Amen.

Please pray this over yourself: Lord God I come to You in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ my Savior and King. I exalt You Lord for who You are and that You lead me by Your Holy
Spirit. You place Your angels around me to save me from the snare of the enemy, from sickness and from disease, thank You Lord God. I worship You Father for You are so precious to me. I love You and thank You that You cause me to walk in paths of righteousness. Thank You Lord God that You make my hands prosper and cause my plans to succeed. Thank You Father God, that You expose the works of darkness, and remove sickness from me. I will not fear because I have You on my side. Thank You that You are with me. I truly worship You and bless Your Holy Name. Amen.

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