Prophecy for today:

I am coming to touch my house once again.
I am calling my bride for a face-lift.
I am the Lord that heals you and I the Lord am coming again to touch you by My Spirit and cause you to have a face lift. The operation that I am about to perform on you my bride WILL TRANSFORM YOU SO MUCH into my image likeness that many around you will not recognize you for the change that has taken place.
I am calling you to lift up your head toward the mountain’s where your help comes from. For your help comes from Me the Lord, the maker of heaven and the maker of earth. Some of you will say, that is not the Lord and the Lord does not work in that fashion. But, I the Lord say to you that many will suffer tension in the neck while others will suffer from whiplash and others will die from a broken neck. There are those who will frown on what I am about to do, some will scorn and others jeer and laugh. Do not associate yourself with those who will not have a part of My move, for I am coming to change the face of the church. The way you have seen the church to be, will cease to exist. For my children come to Me day after day and cry out to me for understanding and revelation. I will come to them and blow on their garden. I will blow from the east, the west, the north and the south. I will release fresh rain of My Spirit on My people and they will come to Me. As of now many have come to Me through a priest, a pastor, a prophet, a teacher, a leader and an apostle. I say to you that I am calling my beloved to look to Me. Lift up your head for I will reveal Myself to you and show you the secrets of My heart. Your revelation of Me will not be the revelation that someone else has of Me. Your revelation of me will be the revelation that I reveal to you as you look into My Face. In the light of this I will change the face of My bride to such an extent that the way you have seen the church in the past will not be the same way you see the church in future. The Image that my bride will carry will be My very image. Come now and press into Me. Come let Me show you, who I am. Many have told you, who I am, and you have heard of the revelation that others have had. Come let me give you the Face Lift that is needed to change your perspective of who I am.
Do not be afraid of what you will see. Many will fall off their lofty thrones. I come with purifying fire as you press into Me. I will cause My rain of righteousness to start in My house. A fear for presence will descend on my house and those who do not submit to righteousness will be removed from the house. I will cause judgement to begin in the house. I say to you, what you read in the book of Acts concerning Ananias and Sapphira, will come upon this house in the these days. I will send my purifying fire once again. Do not be afraid. Stand true to My Word and you will stand secure. You will see the leaders fall, be exposed and die in the seat of authority. What happened to Eli the priest will happen again. Except, this time it will be behind the coffins that men have made to preach from. Men have made themselves thrones and platforms that have separates them from My presence. Now they continue to preach slanderous accusations against those who are My true and anointed sons and daughters. I say to them, Woe to you Bethsaida and woe to you Chorazin, for you have lifted your hand against your brother and against sister. It would have been better for you to lift your hand against yourself than to raise your hand against your own family. I say to you that I will show mercy to many of you and remove you from your position so that your soul may not be destroyed.
I call you to march out in My authority. Look up and see that I am the Lord and I go before you to give you the victory. I give you the victory in your own life. I give you the victory in your family; I give you the victory in your country. I give you the victory, in MY CHURCH.