The Now Word of God

Luke 1: 41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped inside her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit

THE NOW WORD: Like the baby heard the sound of Mary’s voice, so the Lord will open your ears and cause you to hear the sweet sounds of victory and romance. The Lord will open your ears to hear, and all those around will know that your ears have been opened. You will hear the voice of the Lord in your heart and you will hear the voice of the Lord with your ears. God is not mute. The voice of the Lord is speaking day and night and His plan for you is to reveal to you the secrets of His heart. The Lord will whisper His love to you and speak to you in the quite places as well as in the noisy places. The voice of the Lord thunders above every storm. Stand still and listen to the beauty of your lover. The Lord is saying to you, ‘I will touch you, and open your ears to hear My voice, to know My sound, the rhythms of My heart beat and the sound of My breath. I will fill all your senses with My Spirit and give to you joy at the sound of My Voice.’ Amen

My prayer for you is: Thank you Lord God for breathing Life into Your child, and for speaking Your Word over and into Your child. Thank You Father God that Your Word gives life and the sound of Your Voice has opened their ears to hear and receive. I pray that they will not take for granted the ability to hear, but that they will fine tune their hearing and incline their ears to listen to Your voice. Come Lord God and touch them today and open their ears to hear the Voice of the their Father. I pray that they will hear the songs of Heaven and will not clutter their hearing with other sounds that bring deafness. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to touch me from the inside out. Open my spiritual ears and sharpen my natural hearing to hear Your Voice. I desire to hear more clear then before. I know that You are speaking, the challenge is, I am not listening. Touch me Lord God in the deepest parts of my life and open my ears to hear Your voice. I desire to know You in the deepest way. I desire to hear the sound of Heaven and to have perfect clear hearing. Restore to me all that I have lost. I call on You Father God and choose to listen to Your Voice. My desire is to know You more intimately then before. I love You and bless You and thank You for Your Word. Amen
from Mark Visser –