Psalm 60: 12 ‘Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies’. 1 Corinthians 15; 57 ‘But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.’
NOW WORD: I give to you an overcoming ability to rise above the enemy of your soul who tries to wear you down and bring you into slavery. I give you the victory to stand on the head of this scorpion and serpent. Do not be afraid. The plans and schemes of the enemy have no authority over you. Abide in Me and I will give to you My strategy to tread down your enemies. I will reveal to you the path of victory and I will lead you to a safe place. Even in the darkest place, I will be your light. Rejoice in Me and I will delight Myself in you and you will have the victory.”
Our prayer for you is: Father God, we call on You right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your Word cannot fail and You do not lie. Thank you Father God, that You will cause victory to come today and that Your child will do valiantly and tread their enemy under foot. The enemy will not hold them as a slave and will not keep them in bondage any more. According to Your Word, We speak VICTORY over Your child now and we thank You for a spirit of joy to come over Your child. Amen
Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You for Your Mercy. Lord God without You I do not have the authority to walk in victory Lord God with You and through the Lord Jesus Christ, I am an over comer and I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. Through You Father God, according to Your word I will do valiantly and I will have the victory over the enemy tries to wear me down. This day, today, I chose to give You the honour and praise that it is You that has caused me to overcome. I bless You and I give to You all my praise. Amen