THE NOW WORD of GOD 30 June 2017

1 John 1:5 “God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all.”

The Now Word; God is Light and you are created in His image created to be holy as God is Holy. You are the light to the world and God has anointed you to break darkness and remove all that does not honour God. The Lord is changing you and through you. The Lord is working on your heart. The Lord is working on your mind, your will and your emotions. The Lord is working in every part of you to remove all shadows in your life. You are fearfully and wondefuly made and shadows and darkness have no part of your life.

My prayer for you is:  Father God, I call on You today to come and heal your child where there is any form of darkness, I now declare that Light will come. Let Your Light burn bright and consume everything that does not honour Your Name. Remove secret sin, remove pain, remove curses and let the light penetrate the private parts of their life. Father God I declare Your child will rise and be the light that You have called them to be. I pray that Your Grace and Mercy will rest on Your child and they will be lovers of God and hate evil. I pray that you will rise up and be all that God has called you to be and that you will show Light of God in all circumstances. Amen.

Please pray this over yourself; Lord God I come to You today in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I call on You Lord. I do not put my trust in alternative options, shadows or hidden agendas. I choose to put my hope in You and walk in Your Light. You are my Savor and my Redeemer and Your Light is on overy area of my life. God of Light, I seek Your Face and I choose to honour You in my private life an din my public life. Father God, help me to walk clean before You and live a life so that no darkness is in me. Amen.