August 2017 – Mark Visser
The Lord God is The God of Abraham, The God Isaac and The God of Jacob.
The Word of God is;
I see these three nations stand together as one voice to speak Truth into darkness.
Their will be triangle more powerful than any other triangle.
The United States, South Korea and Israel will be a triangle of salvation to the Nations of the World.
The fishnet of salvation of cast out over the nations and many will come to repentance, more than ever before in all history.
I am raising up a new breed of leaders. Those who are called and not yet qualified. I will qualify them on the journey.
South Korea:
The sun (Son) will shine over the moon (Moen) of South Korea.
The Son of Righteousness will shine even on President Moen of South Korea.
The President of South Korea, President Moen, will shine for Christ.
South Korea will be a blessing to Israel and South Korea will be a key in the Hand of God to expose the end time great harlot.
There will be no shrinking of the Kingdom of God in In Korea. The church of Jesus Christ will grow.
Korea will be one nation under God and the wall of division will fall away. Their will be one national anthem, one national anthem and one national flag. There will be no war on Korea. Revival will like a river through the land of the morning calm.
The Blue house will turn red with salvation of Christ.
In the National Assembly The Name of YAWEH will be exalted.
There will be an awakening among the youth and a string for Truth in the media.
National corporations will honour The Lord with their first fruits and rivers will flow in the deserts and pathways will be established in wilderness areas.
Israel will have a sudden bright exposure of My Light on them and salvation will come to 100’s of 1000’s of Israelites.
The sudden lies will come upon Israel like never before.
The Prime Minister of Israel is God’s anointed man for the season.
Benjamin Netanyahu will usher in the wave of the Glory of God. The nations will see the man Peace (Prime Minister Neteyahu) kneel before YASHUA and call Him Lord.
I see a direct assault on the life of these 3 men.
The House of Israel will be known to be the House of Silver. Purified by fire and true.
United States of America:
America will run red with passion for My presence.
The United States of America will be covered from coast to coast with the blood of Jesus Christ and The Lord God almighty will prevail and the USA will receive recompense for her covenant she made with God and for what the enemy has stollen from her.
I see in the next 6 months a direct attack against President Trump.
This is a flaw of the enemy as his accusations and lies will bring Glory to the Kingdom of God and be made visible for all to see as war of Truth and darkness.
Where sin abounds, Grace much abounds. My Grace will abound more in the United States than ever before.
The United States of America will the major sickle in the Hand of God to bring in the lost.
I see a new wave of miracles happening and the most significant of miracles will be in the White House.
I see national repentance and crying before The Lord. There is a miracle that will take place.
I see the flag pole raised double the height that is is usually raised.
The very size of the flag will be double the size of the usual flag.
The Lord is using the Untied States of America to be a blessing to Israel.
There will be a melt down of international media and people will ask for Truth.
Lies will be exposed and My truth will be made clear.
The Lord is releasing Truth by passion for His presence.
Truth will rise against the lies of media and we will see a shaking come to all that people have a passion for.
Only passion for Truth will remain and you will see Truth remain.
This is the season of Miracles and Hearings.
This is the season of Grace and Mercy.
There is an assignment and assassination against the white house.
The White will be known as a safe house and no injury will take place
This is the season for My Kingdom to rise up and change world history and take.