Become a partner with Mark and Caron.

Everywhere God sends them, you go too. You are there with delivering The Now Word of God and standing as a prophet to the nations, delivering insights to presidents and dignitaries; providing financial support to those in need, and ministering hope and love to the lowliest of souls. In all of these things, you are there with them. As partners, you become a vital part of this outreach to the nations and a recipient of the prophet’s reward. (Matt 10:41-42)


하나님께서이두사람을보내는곳이라면어디든지, 여러분또한함께가게됩니다. 여러분은“지금주시는말씀”을운반하는일과, 열방들에나아가는선지자로서서있는일, 대통령들과고위직에있는사람들에게통찰을제공하는일, 궁핍한사람들에게재정적인공급함을제공하는일, 가장낮은곳에있는영혼들에게사랑과소망을가지고사역하는일, 이모든것에함께하게됩니다. 이모든일가운데, 여러분이그들과함께한다는뜻입니다. 동역자로서, 여러분은열방들에나아가는일에핵심적인역할을감당하게되며, 선지자의상급을받는자가됩니다(마10:41-42).

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