No. 4 – The NOW WORD of GOD

1 Thessalonians 5;16 “Rejoice always.” (NIV)

NOW WORD: Without Christ it is not possible to rejoice always. With Christ all things are possible and to rejoice always is a spontaneous act of worship in every circumstance of life. Let your inner self rise up and rejoice in the Lord. Get up on the inside and rejoice in the middle of your situation. Speak to your mind, your will and your emotions and say, ‘I will rejoice in the Lord always and I will worship the Lord my God now.’ Right now, take one minute and from the depths of your heart, rejoice in the Lord and give thanks. Thank the Lord for who He is, for what He has done and for all that He is doing and will do to you and through you. Give the Lord God praise for directing your steps and for leading you by His Holy Spirit. The Lord will lead you by still waters, He will comfort your soul and counsel you. REJOICE ALWAYS.

Our prayer for you is: Father God, we call on You today and thank You that you give to us strength. Thank You that Your Word says that the Joy of the Lord is my strength. Lord God, we bring Your child to You now, and ask You to release a spirit a joy over them. Lord God let this joy well up from the inside of them, from their inner most being. Cause Your child to rejoice in all circumstances of life. Whatever trial they face or victory they have won, I call on You Mighty God, release a spirit of joy today in Jesus Name.
Father God, we thank you that as Your child rejoices in You, You will dance over them with singing. You will manifest Yourself to Your child and You will cover them in the shadow of Your wings. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today and I choose to rejoice in You right now. Lord God, You know my ways and You know the things I do in secret and that what I do in public. I choose to rejoice in You, through my valley and on my highest mountain. You are the strength of my life and You are my fortress. You are my great reward and You are my salvation. I choose to draw living water from the well of salvation and I rejoice in the life that you give me each day. I bless You and Exalt Your Holy Name not only when I feel like doing so, but I do so in every circumstance of life. I will rejoice always. AMEN.