John 10;27

My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.
NOW WORD: The Lord is speaking all the time and wants to reveal to you deeper things. The Lord knows you more than you know yourself and The Lord knows your desire to follow Him is real. You are being drawn into an ever deeper relationship of intimacy with Him. Your present circumstances do not dictate your relationship with The Lord. You are not a product of your past. You are a product of your future. Listen to His Voice and follow The Lord. Make the decision right now to know The Lord more than before.
Our prayer for you is: Father God, we call on You now to touch the ears of Your child. Increase their perceptions and ability to listen to You. Lord God we pray they will draw nearer to You than ever before and they will know You with reverence and fear. We pray they will be obedient to You, despite the challenges they are going through. We declare Life into them and we declare the very Word they hear from You will flow out from them. As Your Word says, ‘from your inner most belly will flow rivers of living waters’. Lord Jesus Christ, we pray now they will hear Your Word and Your Word will flow from them to a dry and thirsty land. Amen
Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to touch my ears. I desire to hear The Voice of The Good Shepherd. I desire to hear Your Voice. Please touch me and open my inner ears and soften my heart. Lord God I desire to know You and fear You more than other thing in life. Lord God I ask You to please help me, so that I will never be disobedient to Your call in my life. I choose to say yes and obey You in all I do and say. My absolute desire is for You. AMEN.

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