Isaiah 40;6

Isaiah 40; 6 A Voice was saying, “Cry out!” Another said, “What should I cry out?”

NOW WORD: Unlock the power of Grace in your life and cry out. Declare grace, grace to the mountain in front of you (Zach. 4;7). Cry out and shout grace, grace over your relationship. Cry out and shout grace, grace over your health. Cry out and shout grace, grace over your finances. You have received grace upon grace (John 1;16) and this grace upon grace is what you must decree and declare. Impossible mountains bow low in front of your shout of grace. The mountain that stands against you will be leveled and made flat in front of you. This is not by might, nor by power, but this is by the Spirit of The Lord (Zach. 4;7). This is the power of God. The Lord says I have heard your call. I have heard your cry and I will deliver you.

Our prayer for you is:Father God, we call on You to touch Your child and according to Your Word in John 1;16, ‘from Your fullness we declare grace upon grace’. We say to this mountain in front of them, be made low before Grace in their life. We cry out Lord God that Your child will not shrink back and accept this mountain. We pray they will get up, like the lame man at the pool of Bethesda (John5;8) and Your Name will be exalted through the testimony of grace upon grace. Amen

Please pray this over yourself:Father God I thank You that I have received grace upon grace. I thank You Lord God that You have called on Me to cry out. I thank You Father that as I declare Your Grace to the mountains in front of me, they will be removed and cast into the see. I thank You Father God, Your Word is the authority that I declare. Lord God, according to Isaiah 61, I will declare freedom to those You send me to and I will declare and cry out grace to the mountains that come against your children. Amen

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