Living your Destiny

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Chapter one

Where is that pot of gold?


As a child, my dream was to become a doctor. Not just any doctor, but a brain surgeon.

I recall joining the South African Red Cross Society as a small beginning. I went to every possible Red Cross meeting and trained really hard to treat the injured. It was great fun. On Saturdays we would report for duty at Maritzburg’s motoring racing track and sit around the race track waiting in case something untoward happened. Very little happened at my corner, I must say. But on one occasion, after the races were over, I remember us receiving a call to help a lady who was giving birth. What excitement! I was actually in an ambulance racing to the nearest hospital – and I was staring at a miracle of God.

It is amazing how birth and death can bring perspective into one’s life.I recall clearly what went through my young mind. God had a purpose for me! He actually had a plan and a destiny that would bring me to my inheritance…

What I was not aware of was that the enemy of my soul (satan) also had a plan for my life. His plan was simple: he wanted me dead.

At my birth, my parents dedicated me to God and committed themselves to training me in the ways of the Lord. I have been told how the devil then tried to kill me. At age four months, I contracted diptheria (a disease that attacks the bronchia). The doctors gave me six hours to live and even with a tracheotomy, I still had very little chance of surviving.

Praise God for parents who walk in the ways of God! Mom called the local pastor who prayed for me over the phone. An ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital but by the time I arrived there, I was completely healed. Doctors and surgeons were amazed when they arrived to operate on me. God had performed a miracle instead and I was healed.

Seven years later I chose to follow Jesus and serve him as my Saviour. I decided from that time to work for God, and that was in fact the beginning of my desire to be a doctor and heal people. When I was nine, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and knew that somehow, He had called me to minister His Word. Trying to find out what God’s plans were for me and trying to coincide them with my own desires was not a simple task. What I did know was that my purpose in life was to minister life to people so I attached myself to the most obvious path – I’d become a doctor.

When I entered high school, these dreams were shattered. The change of schools and the influence of more senior pupils had a negative reaction on me. Somehow, I backslid and my walk with God slowed down and before I knew it, I was no longer serving God. This all had negative behavioural repercussions during my final years at school. Bad decisions and bad company did not help promote either my childhood dreams or my schoolwork. I failed to complete my final year at school; I had to go out and find work and the harsh reality of this brought me to my knees – but not yet in prayer.

After roaming fast and loose for nearly four years, I finally accepted Christ back into my life. But though I had left God, He never forgot me nor did He forget his plan for my life. Soon, he gave me the loveliest lady I could ever have desired and then he blessed us with our firstborn. My worldy ambitions however, had taken a knock and after starting work as an apprentice fitter-machinists, I also had to do compulsory military training. But between work and the military, I was again serving Him with fervour. Somehow, my desires and dreams had evolved from being a doctor to standing before God, receiving His word and taking it to His people.

In 1998, I went to Bible College. On the application form, I had to fill in what I believed God was calling me into. I wrote down: “prophet”. About two months later a prophet came to the college and she prophesied to all of us. When it came to my turn, the word of God to me was: “My son, I have called you to be a doctor. I have called you to dianose and to minister My Word to My children. Change the way they think and send them on my path. Take My Word, diagnopse the problem and minister My Word to all the people I send you to. I have called you to stand before me. Then you go to the nations and I will speak My Word through you…”

On another occasion, God said to me: “I will give to you the Gold. I will give to you the true Gold, the gold of the Land. The Gold of the hearts of men and women…”



We have all heard of the supposedly metaphoric pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And if you look at what a rainbow represents and apply the principles of of God’s Covenant to your lifestyle, then you will experience your own personal blessing. Put another way, you can find your own pot of gold.

In Genesis 9 starting at verse 13, God gave a covenant to all mankind starting with a sign: “ I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.”

This covenant was established after God had poured out his judgement and after Noah had given his sacrifice and burnt offerings.

This message is prophetic and foretells the fact that God has judged sin by the death if His Son and that His Son Jesus Christ has given God the greatest of all sacrifices and offerings – His own life. All we are expected to do now is submit to his divine plan for our life and we will receive our full inheritance. Mankind will not again be punished on that scale. You can walk in your own rainbow covenant with God and inherit your own pot of God’s Gold.



To walk on the path that God has divinely plotted for you is as simple as breathing, if you have belief. To achieve any form of success in life, you need to believe that you are an achiever – as the saying goes, “believers are achievers”.

Every person has some form of belief system by which they live their lives. The problem with most people is that they hold negative belief values and therefore fail in their mission and calling.

Everything in life rises and falls on the word “belief’.

To live a life of blessing and success, one needs to let go of old mind sets and create positive change – through belief. Henry Ford said: If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” No one wants to live life as a failure. So, to maximise all you have and all you do, you have to have a dream and a belief. So let’s start by dreaming and believing the truth. Only faith in the Truth can set you free to walk in victory.

First things first: Positive change in your life will never happen as long as you entertain negative thinking. You cannot even start to walk with any level of success if you do not have a positive outlook on life and have a positive belief in your faith.

So, what is belief and faith?

§ Belief is to have confidence in something.

§ But faith is a two-fold verb that is either passive or active. Passive faith is to believe in the fidelity or trustworthiness of the One who is your source. Active faith is to live in and by that trust and to devote your life to the One you trust.

There is a saying that goes – “The poorest of all men is not the man with no money but the man with out belief and faith.” But what is man to believe in? And on what is that faith to be based?

Surely it is better to believe in God who created you and knows the plans He has for you than to lean on, and believe in, your own understanding that, in the end, only leads to death? God has plans for you, plans for success and even prosperity. God has a divine blueprint. God has a rainbow covenant that will cause you to live daily in your own inheritance.

The significance of the rainbow is not only to remind you of God’s covenant way back in history, but also to tell you that if you live according to God’s principles and statutes you are guaranteed a life that will be ordained by God..

Just as there are seven colours to the rainbow, so there are seven names for God and seven keys to God’s plan for success in your life. They hang together.

The seven colours of the rainbow (with their figurative meaning and biblical references)

1) Red – sin, death, judgement, redemption, passion (Ezek. 48:35)

2) Yellow – shining gold, peace, death, leprous spot (Judges 6:24)

3) Orange – fire, integrity, purity, holiness, health, blessing (2Kings 6:17)

4) Violet – victory, abundance, repentance, provision, (ex. 17:15 & Psalm 23:3)

5) Blue – faith, royal colour, wounds, heaven, the Holy Spirit, used for the rich, colour of the sky, clear vision (Gen. 22: 13, 14)

6) Green – prosperity, new life, things eternal, everlasting, growth, regeneration, hope, freshness (Rev4:3)

7) Indigo – restoration, healing, redemption (Matt 8: 16,17 & Psalm 23:3)


God’s seven names

1) Jehovah-SHAMMAH Ezek 48;35 I AM there

2) Jehovah-SHALOM Judges 6:24 I AM your peace

3) Jehovah-RA-AH Psalm 23:1 I AM your shepherd

4) Jehovah-JIREH Gen 22: 13,14 I AM your provider

5) Jehovah- NISSI Ex 17: 15 I AM your banner

6) Jehovah-TSIDKENU Jer 23:6 I AM your righteousness

7) Jehovah-Rapha Ex 15: 26 I AM your healer


God’s seven-fold plan for your life

1) Acknowledge that you are a sinner

2) Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour and be baptised.

3) Follow his precepts and statutes

4) Worship God with all your heart and follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit.

5) Invite the Holy Spirit t o renew your mind and transform you into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

6) Submit to God and resist evil in every form.

7) Stand in front of God with no shadows: be transparent to man.

If you live in the presence of God and in the image of Jesus Christ, for all the world to see, and submit to God’s seven-fold plan for your life, then all the things you desire will be added to you.

In essence, the desires of your heart will become God’s plan for your life. How? If you give your desires to God – and if your first desire is to be known to God – then he has the power to make your desires become his plan for your life.

Do you know your own desires? You need to know and to identify them, for yourself and for God. So…

Desire first to know God and to have God know you

Next, identify your desires

Next, write down each of these desires. Not in numerical order, for this will place a priority on them. Rather write them in point form but not numbered.

Ask God to bless the desires of your heart and then give them to God in prayer.

Psalm 20:4, 5 – “May he give you what you desire and make your plans succeed. Then you will shout for joy over your victory and celebrate your triumph by praising our God. May the Lord answer all your requests.”


Scripture reads:

But seek ye first the reign of God and His righteousness, and all these shall be added to you. (Matt 6:33 KJVA)

The Reign of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom 14:17 KJVA)

And the root of righteousness is fear of God.

And the root of peace is a renewed mind in Jesus Christ.

And the root of joy is being filled with the Holy Spirit.

If you walk in fear and reverence before God; if you have your mind renewed in Christ (as the Apostle Paul says: “I am a new creation. I’m a brand new man…”), if you are filled with the Holy Spirit and are aware that the Holy Spirit lives in you, you will show the Joy of the Lord in all circumstances and you will walk in victory on a daily basis.



The pot of gold really does exist – but it is only as true as you believe it to be. The Bible says: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Pro 23:7

You can live in your own destiny and enjoy the pot of gold while you are on the journey. If all your desires are earthly, it helps to be “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”. Sure, some people are born into old money and others are born with the ability to smooth talk their way with everyone and in almost every circumstance. But for most of us, we have to work hard, change old habits and paradigms and create new mindsets that really do cause the desires of our hearts to come upon us.

In this process, the ability to believe in yourself is a precious asset. It is the inner belief, feeling and desire that can turn your inner experience into your outer experience.

Gold cannot buy happiness, but it sure can help. But money, remember, is only the means of transferring ownership of something to someone else. The wonderful advantage we Christians have is that for us, the price has already been paid and we now need to apply God’s word to our daily walk in order to experience His Divine blessing. “Joy begins to last,” wrote John Gray, “when we realised that our happiness is not dependant on our outer circumstances”. Wealth, marriage, children, work, status, recognition, intelligence etc are all outer experiences that can and do add to happiness, but the emotion they evoke does not last for ever. You have to experience an inner peace and joy to gain effective and successful living that is lasting.

Put another way, if you want to experience your lasting inheritance right now, you need to have the peace, joy and righteousness that comes through being filled with the Holy Spirit.

This will mean you can be enthusiastic about life. And the word enthusiasm derives from two Greek words: entheo which means “God within”, and en- theos which means “in God”.

So, if God is within you, and you live your life in God, you will be filled with enthusiasm that will sharpen your mind, boost your creativity, motivate you and have the same impact on others

Be a believer and get enthusiastic about today. Live today with passion and joy. Believe that you can maximise your full potential and purpose right now, today, for today will never return. So maximise it, and it will be a memory to build on.

You can, in this way, accomplish your desires and enjoy true gold every day. Walter Chrysler said: “A man can succeed at anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.” And Apostle Paul said: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Apply Chrysler’s dictate to Paul’s faith and your pot will surely overflow.

Count your blessings

You should also take some time out to look into your pot of gold and list your assets. For example (and here are some fundamentals):

I am alive

I am blessed because I breathe

I live in a free country

I have clothing on my back and have been fed good food

I have an education

I have a hope and a dream

I have a future

Now carry on and list some other things that are in your own pot of gold, things that are particularly precious to you. You will be amazed to see how blessed you are when your bring your life into this positive perspective. This is a simple but highly rewarding exercise. If we do this with a sincere heart and give God the praise for each and every blessing in our pot, you will delight at the result. God will then cause his blessing and rain to fall upon us. (Zech 14:17). Give God the glory and you will be amazed at the increase in your blessing and even at your capacity to hold blessing.

Take some time out to give thanks to God. Thank God for the gold that you have. Ask God to help you change the old mindset and increase your ability to grasp, visualise, believe and hold on to the blessings of today.



Following these exercises, the end of the rainbow is only as far away as your next decision.

Allow a power energy thought to flow through you – you have heard it said that you are what you eat, well you are also what you think and what you decide. So make choices that will positively impact on your destiny.

Decision-making is an inescapable task in life and cannot be avoided. If you do not make decisions, then decisions will make you. And if you are going to make quality decisions that will produce quality, positive results, then these guidelines will help:

Watch your words – before you speak

Prepare yourself – before you speak

Have a systematic approach to all decisions

Focus on important decisions

Watch out for the tyranny of time

Be aware of the consequences of your decisions.

Do not become a victim of analysis paralysis

Base decisions on facts, inner convictions and core biblical values

Be bold

Learn from any mistakes you make

Be creative in decision-making

Once a decision is made, move forward

Remember the power of the tongue

God’s Word says that His Word is the light to your path and the lamp to your feet. Live by His Word and you can live in your destiny today and know that by the power of a positive decision, a positive action is formed; through repetition of positive actions, positive habits are created; when you have positive habits, a positive character will be formed and a positive character will lead you to your golden destiny which you have entrusted to God.



Your pot of gold is not

§ A wishful thought

§ Or an illusion

Your pot of gold is real

Your pot of gold holds

§ The promises

§ God made to you.

Walk in God’s Divine plan

§ For your life and you

§ Can enjoy each

§ And every one of

§ God’s promises today!

Apply God’s 7-fold plan for your life.

§ Write out your desires

§ Putting God first.

Training and equipping in the Prophetic