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Living your Destiny


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Screen-Shot-2018-04-19-at-3.15.13-PM-227x300 Living your Destiny

Your dreams can become your reality and you can live in your destiny. I had some amazing dreams and I knew that my dreams would one day become my reality. What I was not aware of was that the enemy of my soul (satan) has a plan for my life. His plan was simple: he wanted me dead. What is really exciting is that God had a greater plan for my life and He still does have an ongoing progressive plan for my success, when I submit to His will and way. At my birth, my parents dedicated me to God and committed themselves to training me in the ways of the Lord. I have been told how the devil then tried to kill me. At age four months, I contracted diphtheria (a disease that attacks the bronchia). The doctors gave me six hours to live and even with a tracheotomy, I still had very little chance of surviving. This was part of the plan the enemy of my soul had against me. Praise God for parents who walk in the ways of God and had foresight to know that I was called to LIVE in my DESTINY.

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