Zechariah 14;17

Zechariah 14:17“And it will be that if any one of all the families of the earth does not go up to Jerusalem to give worship to the King, the Lord of armies, on them there will be no rain. ”.

NOW WORD:“As you seek My Face and My Kingdom, then all these things will be added to you. Come in worship, come in extravagant, outrageous, expensive, passionate, wild worship and see what I will do for you. Come loose yourself in Me and I will cause the windows of heaven to open in your life and cause the rain of heaven to fall on your parched land. The drought in your life will be broken and I will cause the seeds that you have planted to sprout and grow. The seed will not die, it will live and bear fruit. I am the giver of Life. Rejoice this day, for I have done a marvelous thing in your sight.”

My prayer for you is:
Father God, I call on you today to release worship through your child. Father, sometimes we feel so dry and the desire for worship is far from us. Forgive us Lord and turn our hearts to You once again. Lord God, You are worthy of all praise and worship and we have been created for a time such as this, even in this season of drought Your child will worship You and exalt Your Holy Name. Father draw your child into deep worship. Let Your Anointing rest on them and cause them to seek Your Face with greater intensity than ever before. 

Break this drought in their life. Amen

Please pray this prayer over yourself: Lord God I come to You in reverence and worship. I choose to worship You above every other thing in my life. I will worship You and make You the center of all my attention. I bring to You my love offering and sacrifice. I bring to You the worship of my heart. I love You Jesus and I bless Your Holy Name. Come Lord God and let it rain in my life. I thank You that Your Word is true and amen. You will cause me to flourish like a well-watered garden. I will not be a drought, You will raise me up to be a river of living water to other dry people. I will be a blessing to many and I will worship You. Amen

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