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Interpreting Dreams and Visions – 12 May – (4 Hours)

INTERPRETING-DREAMS-VISIONS-300x300 Interpreting  Dreams and Visions - 12 May - (4 Hours)

It’s important to understand that not all dreams and visions are God-given.

Your dream or vision could have been induced by what you ate, watched or having been meditating on, or that your mind just kept going after a busy day. Some dreams can also be from Satan.

The Word of God says that we must take control of our thought and actions and cast down vain imaginations. In doing this you will not let our dream or vision control you, but you will be able to control and hold onto that what come from God and not any other source.

It is simple to manipulate a vision and conjure a vision in your mind. Dreams on the other hand cannot be controlled though can be induced. The reason for this is that visions happen while you are awake and dreams while you are asleep.

Every person dreams every day, though the same person might not see visions as frequently.

The Bible says that in times past servants of God were given visions and dreams to convey the Word of the Lord.

God has used dreams and visions in the past and He will do so again (Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28)

This course will help you to discern and interpret your dreams and visions.

RSVP: 08 May

COST: RSA R.300.00 – US$ 30.00


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