John 1:16

John 1:16 “And of His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”

THE NOW WORD: Unmerited favor. Kindness and mercy, love and forgiveness, all because Father God made a covenant with Himself to save you and redeem you, to bless you and turn you from your wicked ways. His Love is unfailing and He will never drop you. His arm is not to short to save and His ear is not dull that it cannot hear your cry. God will meet you and bring you through. Rest in Him and trust in His love. Even when your faith is low and your hope is depleted, God is still committed to His covenant to you and He will bring to pass His plan for your life. He will renew your mind give to you His fullness and His grace. God does not lie and cannot lie. His word clearly says, ‘Commit your works to the Lord, and all your thoughts will be established.’ The desire and plan of God for your life is to give to you (the righteous), the desires of your heart to draw you into His presence and cause you to carry his glory. You will see the grace of the Lord be upon you, your family and the works of your hands.

My prayer for you is: Lord God I call on You today to come and touch Your child and bless them. Cause Your face to shine on them and give them the Peace of Christ that passes all understanding. Show grace and mercy to Your child, and bless their family and cause the works of their hands to prosper. Father God, You know and see exactly what is happening in their life, and You know the very secrets of their heart. Come Lord and touch them today and give them peace. I pray that the eyes of their heart will be open and they will see that You will redeem their day and save them. Father God, I ask that You release a prophetic anointing on Your child to hear and see what is happening around them. Give them discernment to know what is about to take place and what just happened. Come Lord and open their understanding and release Your fullness upon them to show Your Grace in all circumstances. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I bless Your Holy Name. There is none beside You that is worthy of my praise. I exalt You and honor You and thank You for Your Mercy and Grace, it has no limit and no end. Thank You that You found me and saved me from sin. Thank You that You have redeemed me and called me Your own. Thank You that You have established me and You cause me to prosper in my ways. I bless You Lord God for who you are. Thank You that You have guided me through this season and You lead me show me which way to go. Come Lord God rule in every part of my being. I surrender to Your will and way in my life and I thank You that Your fullnesswill show through me. I exalt You for the grace that you have given to me. Lord God, I desire to be more like You and I ask You to help me understand Your fullness and Grace. As You have shown to me Your Grace, let Your grace be now shown through me. Come and change my heart lord God and let Your fullness flow through me to those around me. I bless You for allowing me to be a conduit of Your grace and fullness and thank You that there will be a deposit of Your Glory in my life. Thank You and Amen.

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