Amos 3;7 God is revealing His secrets.

Amos 3:7 For the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

The Word of God says, “so is My Word that goes out My mouth, it shall not return to me void”

The Lord has shown to me that it is His plan and intention to bless you and not to harm you. The challenge that so many of us face, is that we do not speak the truth of the Word of God concerning us.

In Proverbs 18:21 we read “Death and life are in the power of the tongue; And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. We need to know that our Father in Heaven loves us and has good and wonderful plans to bless us and not harm us.

The Lord spoke His Word to me and said: “I am calling you to come and seek My face. Come up here my beloved and I will show you secrets of what lay in store for you. Come up now learn from Me. I have given to you the victory to overcome and be victorious in all that I have called you to do. Now let My wind blow on your garden. Listen to Me in the quietness of the storm and I will cause My fragrance to envelope you and go with you. So many have taken time to wait and see what I have for them, and I say to you My precious one that I am going to reveal a new wave of Glory to My children and they will see miracles happen, and signs and wonders take place all around them.
Learn the secret of kissing the Son and speaking only His Words. So many die a premature death and a death of verbal suicide. They kill themselves and take their own life by the power of the Words they speak and for not kissing the Son.
Let me share a secret with you. A mystery of ages past. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you and I will speak tenderly to you and reveal to you the secrets of your heart and the plans that I have for you.

My children apply my principals to your life and live – Draw near to me, kiss My Son and speak His Word.”

As the Lord spoke this to me, I felt the Lord say to me that this a season of breakthrough for those who will come and apply His Word to their life. The Lord showed me that this is the same strategy that the enemy uses to attack us and get us displaced with God’s Authority and God’s Power. The things we meditate on and the words that we speak either bind us or set us free.

So I said to the Lord – I seem to continually fall into the trap of the enemy. I speak the words of my emotions and then speak out turn. The Lord responded to me and said to me “I need to passionately seek His Face and remain in Him. Then His fragrance in my life will be stronger than the fragrance of my emotions and the Words that I speak.”

At this point I felt the Lord say to me “the bride of Christ, His Church will see more of His Glory than in times past. Children will have open visions of heaven and angelic beings and the older people will have deeper times of intimacy than experienced before.”
The Lord said to me “His Word will be made manifest in Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Shinto communities and 1000’s will come to salvation”. I saw the church standing as the bride and kissing the Son in a desperate passionate time of intimacy. The Lord said to me that “South Africa will be shaken again so that bad fruit will fall of the tree and that good fruit will remain. The enemy has come to rob of his own and try to bring fear on My son’s and daughters, but I will come to you and as you have sought My Face and I will embrace you with a Holy Kiss and will heal your land. Many will be exposed for the spirit of Achain and the spirit of Moloch has come against this land and has gone out and kissed them with unholy kisses and put the fragrance of death and theft on this nation. I say to you South Africa that My Bride, My beautiful has come to Me and cried out for their rightful heritage. They have come and Kissed Me with Holy Kisses and they will carry My fragrance. My presence will go into the dark un-reached areas and bring My light. My Bride will rise even now and will take the nation and redeem the land. Do not be afraid for I have given to you the city and I have given to you Nation. South Africa you are not the tail of the scorpion that will inflict Israel. You are My nation that I have called to bless the nations of Africa and to be a blessing to Israel. I will route out and expose those that have a plot to sell this Nation to Islam. I will expose those who desire a spirit of Achain (theft) and Moloch (murder). I will come and cause your passion for My presence to permeate and My fragrance on you to go to the other nations of Africa.”

The Lord said to me “even now in the homes of his children a spirit of divorce has come to cause wounds to His body. But I have given to you a double-edged sword. I have give to you My Authority and My Power. The power of Presence and the authority of My Word. As My children draw near to Me, My fragrance will come on them and they will speak My Word in all circumstances of life.”

The Lord said to me to speak this word to those who are reading this message, “ the Lord will say to you, that you My bride are called to walk by My side and seek My face. I will heal your marriage, your home, your community, and your country as you Kiss My Son and speak His Word. Place a guard over your tongue and as you speak life and not death, you will see My blessing come on you and all that is in your influence.”

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