John 1:16 “And of His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”

THE NOW WORD: God will bring you through. When your faith is low and your hope is depleted, God is still committed to His covenant to you and He will bring to pass His plan for your life. The plan of God for your life is to give to you the desires of your heart. You will see the grace of the Lord be on you, your family and the works of your hands.

My prayer for you is: Lord God I call on You today to come and touch Your child and bless them. Give to them the Peace of Christ that passes all understanding. I pray the eyes of their heart will be open and they will see that You will redeem them.

Father God, I ask that You release a prophetic anointing on them and to them discernment to know what is about to take place. Open their understanding and release Your fullness upon them grace in all circumstances. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, Thank You. I exalt You, honor You and thank You for Your mercy and grace to me. Thank You that You found me and saved me from sin. Thank You that You have redeemed me and called me Your own. Thank You that You have established me and You cause me to prosper in my ways. I bless You Lord God for what You have done to me.

I love You and thank You for grace upon grace.


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Psalm 1: 1,2 

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, 
nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; 
but his delight is in the law of the Lord. 
And in His law he meditates day and night.”

THE NOW WORD; God is holy and the Lord is calling you, His bride to walk holy before Him. The power of association is what will lift you up or bring you down. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. The Lord will remove unrighteous relationships from you, if you choose to walk holy before Him. Consecrate yourself holy before the Lord and He will cause your ways to prosper and bless the works of your hands.


MY PRAYER FOR YOU IS; Lord God, I call on You now to remove unrighteous relationships from Your child. Draw them into Your presence and let there be a holy association and relationship take place, that honors You and brings glory to Your name. Bless Your child and pour Your Spirit out on them today and fill them with Your anointing. Lord God, help them to keep their mind stayed on You. Amen.


PLEASE PRAY THIS OVER YOURSELF; Lord God I come to You today through Jesus Christ my savior. Thank You Lord God that You have removed my sin from me and You cleansed me and made me clean. I come boldly into Your presence with clean hands, a pure heart, a soul not lifted to an idle and a tongue that does not speak deceit. I come to You because there is none beside You. You are my God and You are my salvation. I choose to walk holy before You and thank You that you receive me as I am. I bless Your holy name and I exalt You above everything in my life and chose to meditate on only You. Amen.

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John 7:38 
‘let the one who believes in me drink. Just as the scripture says, from within him will flow rivers of living water.‘

NOW WORD; God will satisfy your needs in a thirsty land. Drink from the water of life and you will never be thirsty again. You are called of the Lord to bring the river of living water to a dry and thirsty land. The Lord will turn your dry and thirsty heart in to a river of living water and you will speak the word of Life and many around you will receive the life that comes form the throne of God. You are blessed, you are anointed and you are highly favored. You are the river of living water to a dry and thirsty land.

Our prayer for you is; Father God I bring Your child to You today and ask You to flow into Your child and through Your child today, into the dry people around them. Release a spirit of prophetic evangelism over them today and cause Your word to flow through them and bring salvation their family and friends, even to the ends of the earth. Send them to their neighbor and use them to bring life to the dead. Release over them Your anointing that breaks the chain of drought in Jesus Name. Amen

Please pray this over yourself; Lord God, I come to You today, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Use me Lord God to be a blessing to bring healing and salvation. I desire to see my family and others saved. Use me Lord. Send me Lord and let Your river of blessing and living water flow through me to the hungry and thirsty people. I desire to do Your work. Amen

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The Now WORD of GOD

Joel 2:19 “I am sending you grain, new wine and oil, enough to satisfy you fully; never again will I make you and object of scorn to the nations.”

THE NOW WORD: The Lord has given to you the Bread of Heaven and He has given to you New Wine and Oil.
The Lord is a faithful God and He will come to you and meet your needs in body, soul and spirit. The Lord will bring salvation to you. The Lord is your hope. He will remove your shame, failure, scorn and rejection. The Lord has given to you Life. This promise has come to pass and is now being made visible to you and through you so that you will be a vessel of blessing to the Father and a river of life to a dry and a thirsty land. The curse of drought is broken over your life and the blessing of God will flow to you and through you.

My prayer for you is: Father God, I thank You for Christ the Bread of Heaven that came to save Your child and set Your child free. I pray today for the New Wine of the Holy Spirit and the Oil of Anointing to flow to Your child now. Father God, I call on You to come and touch Your child today. You have promised that You will do this as we wait on You. I speak healing and I pronounce blessing over Your child today. Amen.

Please pray this over yourself: Lord God, I thank You that You came to save me, set me free and bless me. Thank You that have chosen me and Your love for me is so great. Lord God I give to You my all and I receive from You the Bread of Heaven, New Wine of the Holy Spirit and Your Oil of Anointing. I thank You That I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I thank You I am created in Your image. I thank You that I no longer walk as a dead person. You have made me alive and I have all my needs met through Christ Jesus. Amen.

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Either you will be yoked to blessing or you will be yoked to curses. This truth is applicable to all people weather they are Christians or not. The principal of applying this truth is simple – the power of association will pick you up or cause you to fall.

‘Choose this day who you will serve …’.

As well as ‘a man cannot serve two masters..’

Many people claim to have given their lives to the Lord, but still go on living for themselves. Making each decision they make being ruled by how much they have or have not.

Romans 12:2 ‘Do not be confirmed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.. .’

2 Cor. 6:17 Paul says ‘come out and be separate from the world…’

This transforming and coming out of the world system is being taken out of sin and slavery into freedom spiritually, financially and in every other area.

Proverbs 22:7 ‘Because the borrower is a slave to the lender…’

Debt is a yoke of slavery that binds us and causes us not to act in obedience to God.

The number one reasons, Christians are not free today is because the spirit of mammon has control of them and dictates to them when to bow and when to rise.   This restricts Christians and stops them from being obedient to the call of God on their life. So often, I have heard Christians say, ‘I will go as soon as I have sorted out my finances’ or ‘as soon as I am debt free, I will do what the Lord has called me to do.’

Do not make decisions based on money – Make decisions based on what God says.

In the last 20 years, credit is more accessible and debt is more evident. Credit for believers is not from God, it is a snare of the devil to entrap Christians and cause them to become immobile and unable to go into the entire world to preach the good news of the Kingdom. Nearly every retailer and wholesaler has credit facilities to allow you to purchase items and pay later.

God principal is that you work first and then pay. The spirit of mammon says, ‘enjoy the item now and pay later’.

The church is called to be the light of the world. Christians say, ‘How can we speak into adverse circumstances, if we are in debt ourselves like everyone else’

We as Christians have a responsibility. The responsibility is to call the things that are not as though they are and then to put into practice what we speak. There is a saying that goes like this ‘money talks’.

Matthew 6:21 ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ As the Bride of Christ we need to have our heart singularly focused on Christ as our priority. Then in being good stewards of the Lords money we will see the blessings of God come to our finances.

The Bible does not argue that money is right or wrong. What is strongly emphasized is that the love of money is the root of evil. Money is one of the gifts that God has given to us richly to enjoy.

1 Tim. 6:17. If money is the goal, being a positive goal or in a negative context, then you have a major problem.

Matt.6:33 ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, then all these things will be added to you.

C.S. Lewis said, ‘once we miss a turn and start down the wrong road, it will never become the right road. The only way we can get back on the right road is to go back to where we missed that original turn.’

Go back and find out what is your rightful inheritance and heritage. You are called to rule as a KING. The plan of God is that you rule over what He has entrusted to you. The realm of finances – the plan of God is to take His church from a minus bank balance to out of debt and then to have more than enough.

The secret is:

Never make a decision based on Money.

Only make decisions based on obedience to God’s Word.


There are essentially three principals of obedience regarding finances.

  1. The first principle is to become free from the yoke that binds you to the spirit of mammon, and to become yoked to Christ. In becoming yoked to Christ, you become a bond slave to Christ and therefore transfer all ownership of wealth and possession over to Him. This includes debt. Though there will be the consequences of your slavery that you need to rid yourself of – this can be done through good steward-ship and obedience to the obedience principles of God’s Word.
  2. The second principle is to experience healing. To apply this and bring healing to pass is forgive yourself and then forgive others that have robed from you, abused you or even miss-used you. Also another way experience financial healing is to give instead of to get. Giving is done in different ways.
    1. First fruits – Tarumah.
    2. Tithes.
    3. Offerings.
    4. Love gifts.

God does not need your money, your vehicle, your house, your clothing or your food. God wants you heart.

  1. The third principle is to avoid the four traps of financial bondage.
    1. Impulse buying.

Eccl. 4:8 ‘The eye is never satisfied with riches….’

Eccl. 5:10 ‘He that loves silver will not be satisfied with it. Nor he that loves abundance of increase.’

    1. Dissatisfaction and discontentment of what you have.       All ways wanting more.       Never enough and lusting for what others have.
    2. Laziness. The bible says a little folding of the arms brings poverty.
    3. Words that bind. Prov. 18:21 ‘The power of life and death are on the tongue and those that love it will eat its fruit.’


Isaac Newton said that the law of physics is that energy is never destroyed, it simply changes form.

The same is true for wealth. Wealth is never destroyed. It only changes form and changes ownership.

Eg. The great depression: ‘people lost great wealth, while some people who where not slaves to debt gained great wealth from those who over extended themselves with debt.’

We are heading for a greater economic collapse than that of the great depression or that of the Asian flu crisis.

Most Christians in the church are in so much debt, that they can not respond to the call of God and when the next economic crisis hits us we will be in a worse place than people where during the great depression.

We need to change the negative situation to a positive situation and to do this we need a strategy from God.

2 Kings 4: the we read that the wife of a deceased servant to Elisha the prophet, cried out. ‘Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that he revered the Lord. But now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as his slaves.’

So Elisha responds ‘What can I do.., and what do you have in your house?’

She replies’ nothing except a little oil.’

The principal here is ‘TRADE SECRETS’

There are two points of this principal;


Flowing Wealth.

To have wealth flow through you:

  • You need to do it with a joyful heart.
  • You need to do it unto the Lord.
  • You need to do it according to your faith.

Gaining Wealth – To have wealth come to you, you can not give what you do not have.

  • You need to gather some empty vessels.
  • Pour what you have into the lives of empty vessels.
  • Close the doors to unbelief and create some wealth.
  • Sell the oil, and make enough to pay the debt and live on the rest.
  • She had to become a business person – ‘God will give you the ability to generate wealth with the work of your hands’

What is your TRADE SECRET?

  • What can you give your life to 10% for the rest of your life?
  • What does everyone want from you?
  • What is the talent that God has given to you?




재정의 축복과 저주


당신이 축복을 짊어질 수도, 혹은 저주의 멍에를 매기도 할 것이다

이 진실은 모든 사람에게 그리스도인이 될 것인지 아닌지도 여부에도 적용된다

이 진실을 적용하는 원리는 간단하다 – 단체의 권력은 당신을 일으켜 세우기도 혹은 추락 시키기도 한다

‘네가 누구를 섬길지 오늘 선택하라’ 그리고 ‘사람이 두 주인을 섬길 수 없나니’…

많은 사람들은 삶을 주께 드려야 한다고 주장하지만 실제로는 그들만의 삶을 살아 왔다

사람들은 자기가 얼마나 가지고 있는가 혹은 가지고 있지 않은가에 의해 지배되어 결정을 내린다

너희는 이 세대를 본받지 말고 오직 마음을 새롭게 함으로 변화를 받아 하나님의 선하시고 기뻐하시고 온전하신 뜻이 무엇인지 분별하도록 하라 (롬12:2)

고린도 후서 6:17에 사도 바울은 “너희는 그들중에 나와서 따로 있고”라고 말한다

이런 변호와 세상 시스템에서 나오는 것은 죄에서 벗어나는 것이요, 모든 영역에서 영적으로, 재정적으로 자유하게 되는 것이다

잠언 22:7 빚진자는 채주의 종이 되느니라

빚은 우리를 묶고 하나님께 순종할 수 없게 하는 노예의 멍에이다

세상에서 그리스도인이 자유롭지 못한 이유 1번은 바로 맘몬의 영이 그들을 잡고 있으며, 그것에 절할 때 그 영이 지배한다

이 것은 그리스도인들이 제한되게 하며 그들의 삶 가운데 하나님의 부르심에 순종하기를 그치게 한다

그래서 나는 그리스도인들이 “빚만 해결되고 나면, 하나님의 부르심에 따르겠어요” 라고 하는 말을 자주 듣는다

돈을 기준으로 하는 결정은 하지 마십시오

하나님께서 하시는 말씀을 기준으로 결정 하십시오

지난 20년간 신용카드는 사용하기 쉬워졌고 빚은 명백해졌다

그리스도인들에게 신용카드는 하나님으로부터 온 것이 아니다. 그것은 그리스도인을 잡기 위한 사단의 덫이고 이것은 그 들을 하나님 나라의 복음을 전파하기 위해 전 세계를 다니는게 불가능하고 기동력이 떨어지게 만든다

거의 모든 상점이 당신이 카드로 물건을 사고 돈을 지불 할 수 있는 기계가 다 구비되어 있다

하나님의 원리는 당신이 먼저 일하고, 그리고 지불하는 것이다

맘몬의 영은 당신에게 ‘지금은 그냥 즐겨, 나중에 갚으면 되’ 라고 속삭인다

그리스도인으로써 우리는 책임이 있다

어떠한 것들이 그렇지 않더라도 우리는 그것들을 불러내며 그리고 그것들을 실제에 놓는 책임이 있다

실제로 사람들은 ‘돈이면 다 된다’라고 한다

마 6:22 너희 마음이 있는 곳에 보물이 있다 라고 한다

그리스도의 신부로써 우리는 오직 한 마음으로 우리의 우선순위를 그리스도께 두어야 한다

또한 주님의 재정을 잘 지키는 청지기가 되어, 우리에 재정에 하나님께서 축복하시는 것을 볼 것이다

성경은 돈의 옳고 그름을 논하지 않는다

굉장히 강조된 것은 돈을 사랑함이 일만악의 뿌리라는 것이다

돈은 하나님께서 우리로 즐길 수 있게 주신 선물중의 하나이다

딤전6:17 당신에게 돈이 목표라면, 그 것이 긍정적이냐 부정적이냐를 얘기할 때, 당신은 큰 문제를 갖게 될 것이다

그런즉 너희는 먼저 그의 나라와 그의 의를 구하라 그리하면 이 모든 것을 너희에게 더하시리라 (마6:33)

  1. S. 루이스는 ‘우리가 회전 할 곳을 잃어버리고 한 번 잘못된 길로 들어서면, 그 길은 절대 옳은 길이 되지 않을 것이다 우리가 오직 옳은 길로 돌아 올 수 있는 방법은 우리가 놓쳤던 그 곳으로 돌아가는 것 뿐이다’라고 말 했다

다시 돌아가 당신의 의로운 유업과 기업을 찾으라

당신을 다스리는 왕으로 부름받았다

하나님의 계획은 그 분께서 당신에게 위탁하신 그 것을 당신이 다스리는 것이다

재정의 영역에서 하나님의 계획은 마이너스 잔고와 빚으로 부터 나오고 필요한 것 이상으로 재정을 주시는 것이다

절대 돈을 기준으로 의사결정을 하지 마십시오

오직 하나님 말씀에 순종함으로 결정하십시오

순종의 원칙

재정에 관한 반드시 필요한 순종의 3가지 원칙이 있다

  1. 첫 번째 원칙은 당신을 묶고 있는 맘몬의 영의 멍에를 벗고, 그리스도의 멍에를 매는 것이다. 그리스도의 멍에를 매는 것은 당신이 그리스도의 속박된 종이 되는 것이며 부와 그분의 소유권이 변하는 것이다. 여기엔 빚도 포함된다. 비록 당신이 스스로 제거해야 하는 당신의 노예됨의 결과가 있을지라도, 하나님 말씀의 원칙에 순종함과 선한 청지기를 통해 해결 할 수 있다
  2. 두 번째 원칙은 치유를 경험하는 것이다. 이것을 적용하고 치유를 가져오기 위해서는 당신 스스로를 용서하고, 당신을 강탈한 자를 용서하며, 당신을 학대한 사람을 용서해야 한다. 또한 재정의 치유를 경험할 수 있는 다른 방법은 얻는 것 대신에 주는 것이다. 주는 것은 여러가지 다른 방법으로 되어진다A. 첫 열매 B. 십일조 C. 헌금 D. 사랑의 선물 하나님은 당신의 돈, 차, 집, 옷, 음식을 필요로 하지 않으신다. 하나님은 당신의 마음을 원하신다
  3. 세 번째 원칙은 재정 묶임의 4가지 덫을 피하는 것이다.
  4. 충동구매 – 전 4:8에 눈이 부요를 족하게 여기지 않는다고 한다. 은을 사랑하는 자는 은으로 만족하지 못하고 풍요를 사랑하는 자는 소득으로 만족하지 아니하나니 이것도 헛되도다 (전5:10)
  5. 가진 것에 대한 불만족과 불평 – 사람은 항상 더 원하게 된다. 다른 이가 가진 것에 대한 열망은 절대로 충분치 않다.
  6. 게으름 – 성경은 좀 더 눕자 하면 그 것은 빈곤을 가져 온다고 한다
  7. 묶인 말 – 죽고 사는 것이 혀의 힘에 달렸나니 혀를 쓰기 좋아하는 자는 혀의 열매를 먹으리라 (잠18:21)

육체와 부의 법

아이작 뉴턴은 물리의 법칙은 에너지가 절대 파괴되지도 않으며, 단순히 형태만 변하는 것이라고 한다

부의 법치도 똑같은 원리이다 부는 절대 없어지진 않고 단지 그 것의 형태 즉 소유만 변할 뿐이다

예를 들어 대공황의 경우, 사람들은 큰 부를 잃었고 빚이 없었던 다수의 사람들이 빚을 지게된 사람들을 통하여 그 들은 큰 부를 얻었다

우리는 지금 경제 대공황보다, 아시아의 독감 위기보다 더 큰 경제붕괴를 향해 달려가는 중이다

교회의 대다수 그리스도인들은 하나님의 부르심에 응답할 수 없게 하는 빚에 시달리고 있고, 다음 경제 붕괴가 우리를 덮칠 때, 대공황 때 보다 더 심한 상황에 놓일 것이다

열왕기하 4장에 남편이 죽은 과부가 엘리사에게 울부짖는 것을 읽을 수 있다

1 선지자의 제자들의 아내 중의 한 여인이 엘리사에게 부르짖어 이르되 당신의 종 나의 남편이 이미 죽었는데 당신의 종이 여호와를 경외한 줄은 당신이 아시는 바니이다 이제 빚 준 사람이 와서 나의 두 아이를 데려가 그의 종을 삼고자 하나이다 하니

2 엘리사가 그에게 이르되 내가 너를 위하여 어떻게 하랴 네 집에 무엇이 있는지 내게 말하라 그가 이르되 계집종의 집에 기름 한 그릇 외에는 아무것도 없나이다 하니


여기에 거래원칙의 비밀이 있다. 여기엔 두가지 요점이 있는데 a. 흐르는 부 b. 획득하는 부

  1. 흐르는 부 – 당신을 통해 부가 흐르게 하려면,

* 즐거운 마음으로 하라

* 주님께 하라

* 당신의 믿음에 따라 하라

  1. 획득하는 부 – 부가 당신에게 오게 하려면 당신에게 없는 것을 줄 수는 없다

* 비어있는 기름병을 모으라

* 불신의 문을 닫고 어느 정도의 재정을 창조하라

* 기름을 팔아 돈을 벌어 빚을 갚고 남은 것으로 생활하라

* 그 과부는 비지니스맨이 되어야 했다. “하나님은 당신을 손으로 일하여 부를 일으키는 능력을 주실 것이다”

거래의 비밀은 무엇인가?

* 당신의 남은 삶을 위해 당신의 삶의 무엇을 10% 할애 할 수 있는가?

* 모든이들이 당신엑 무엇을 원하는가?

* 하나님이 당신에게 주신 달란트는 무엇인가?

하나님은 우리가 다음 레벨로 올라가길 원하신다!!

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빌 4:8 Phil. 4;8

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is anything praise worthy – meditate on these things.”

The Word of God says that ‘as a man thinks in His heart so is he’. You are created in the image of God and The Lord has given to you the power of imagination. The Lord has given to you the freedom to think and imagine. Before God imaged you, God imagined you. God had you in His Heart long before the day of your creation. When God breathed into you, The Lord placed His Word and His image into you. God has given to you the ability to imagine and to see the image come to life through the power of your tongue. Proverbs 16;3 says ‘commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.’ You are highly favored, you are blessed, you are anointed and God is making an awesome testimony out of you, for His Glory.

My prayer for you is: Lord I ask You to come and touch Your child. Remove a thought process that does not honor you. Lord, cause your child to have a renewed mind. Remove old habits, failures and weakness. Create in Your child a clean heart and a righteous spirit. Father, from today forward, may Your child communicate with You in thought and speech that honors You. I pray Your child will work on their imagination and You will bless them with Holiness of mind. Let every imagination, action and word that comes out their mouth bring You glory. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Lord God I come to You today in the Name of Jesus Christ. I choose to renew my mind and think and imagine on whatever things are true, noble, pure, lovely, of good report and praise worthy. I thank You Father God that You will touch my mind and release to me the creativity of imagination and thought. I bless You and thank You, that I am made in Your image and You bless the works of my hands. Amen

빌 4:8 “끝으로 형제들아 무엇에든지 참되며 무엇에든지 경건하며 무엇에든지 옳으며 무엇에든지 정결하며 무엇에든지 사랑 받을 만하며 무엇에든지 칭찬 받을 만하며 무슨 덕이 있든지 무슨 기림이 있든지 이것들을 생각하라”

지금 주시는 말씀: 하나님 말씀은 ‘사람의 그 생각이 그러한즉 그 위인됨도 그러하다’고 하십니다. 여러분은 하나님의 형상으로 지음 받았고 주님께서 여러분에게 상상할 수 있는 능력을 주셨습니다. 주님께서는 여러분에게 생각하고 상상할 수 있는 자유를 주셨습니다. 하나님께서 여러분을 형상화하시기 전에 여러분을 상상하셨습니다. 창조 이전에 하나님의 마음속에 이미 여러분이 있었습니다. 하나님께서 여러분에게 숨을 불어넣으셨을 때, 주님은 자신의 말씀과 형상을 여러분 속에 두셨습니다. 하나님께서는 상상하고 볼 수 있는 능력을 주셨고, 여러분의 혀를 통해 생명이 나오도록 하셨습니다. 잠언 16장 3절 말씀은 말합니다. “ 너의 행사를 여호와께 맡기라 그리하면 네가 경영하는 것이 이루어지리라” 여러분을 특별한 은총을 받습니다. 여러분은 또한 복을 받고 기름부음도 받습니다. 하나님께서는 자신의 영광을 위해서 여러분 가운데 놀라운 간증거리를 만들고 계십니다.

여러분을 위한 저의 기도: 주님, 구하오니 오셔서 당신의 자녀를 만져 주십시오. 주님을 영화롭게 하지 않는 모든 생각의 과정을 제거해 주십시오. 주님, 당신의 자녀로 새로워진 생각을 할 수 있도록 해 주십시오. 옛 습관, 실패 그리고 약점을 제거해 주십시오. 주의 자녀 속에 깨끗한 마음과 의로운 영을 창조해 주십시오. 아버지 하나님, 오늘부터 주의 자녀가 생각과 말로 주님을 영화롭게 하도록 이끄십시오. 기도하오니 주의 자녀가 상상력을 발휘하게 하시고 거룩한 생각으로 복을 내려 주십시오. 모든 상상하는 것, 행동, 그리고 입에서 나오는 말들이 당신께 영광이 되게 하십시오. 아멘

스스로를 향해 이렇게 기도하십시오: 주 하나님, 오늘 예수 그리스도의 이름을 힘입어 주님 앞에 나아갑니다. 제 생각을 새롭게 하며 무엇에든지 참되고, 고귀하며, 순결하고, 사랑스러우며, 좋은 평판이 있고 칭찬받기에 합당한 것을 생각하고 상상하기로 결단합니다. 아버지 하나님, 제 생각을 만져주시고 창의적인 상상과 생각을 제게 풀어주시니 감사합니다. 주님을 송축하고 찬양합니다. 나는 주의 형상을 따라 만들어졌으며 주께서 제 손에 행한 일에 복을 주십니다. 아멘



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The Now Word of God

Isaiah 55,6  “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near;”

THE NOW WORD: Seek the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on you own understanding.  If you are desperate for something, make sure that your desperation for the Lord exceeds any other hunger or desperation. God is faithful to reward those who diligently seek Him. Call on the name of the Lord and you will be saved. His ear is not dull to listen and His arm is not short to save. God will redeem you from the snare of the fowler and God will save you from the pestilence. Call on the Lord today, before it is to late.

MY PRAYER FOR YOU IS; Father God, I thank You that You are near. I thank You that Your child can call on You and You will answer them. I pray today Lord God that You will stir up a hunger in their heart for more of You. You can see the pressure they are under and the cry of their heart. Come Lord God and touch them today, and meet their needs. Lord I pray for Your child to remain strong in You and to rest in You and seek Your face with all their heart today.  I pray that You will come and touch their family, bless their finances and heal their body in Jesus Name. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS OVER YOURSELF; Lord God I come to You today in the Name of Jesus Christ. I will seek You early in the morning and I will wait on You late in the night. You are my everything and I adore You. I bless You and exalt Your Name. I put aside every other agenda and press into You. I am hungry and desperate for Your touch in my lie. Come Lord God and do not pass me by. You are the air I breathe and my reason for living, and I love You and will chase after You and seek You this day with all my heart. Amen

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PROPHETIC WORD FOR SOUTH AFRICA (22 April 2017 – Mark Visser)

Isaiah 66:14 When you see this your heart will rejoice and your bones will flourish like the grass, The Hand of The Lord will be known to His servants and His indignation to His enemies.

South Africa will rise from the ashes,
South Africa is called to be the bread basket of Africa and the hand of blessing to Israel.
Shortly after the birth of Jesus, North Africa was the place where baby Jesus hosted and protected from certain premature death.
Shortly before the return of Jesus Christ, South Africa will become the place where presence of God will be hosted and new Life will flow from.
A power of darkness has swept through the land of Africa.
It has ravaged, pillaged and destroyed infants and adults alike.
The enemy had plans that South Africa will be a scorpion in Africa, with pinchers closing on all its surrounding boarders and its venomous tail striking the heart of Israel.
I have chosen that South Africa will carry a double anointing.
South Africa will have two hands. One hand will be a bread basket to all its neighbours and the hand will be a blessing hand to Israel.
New Life, blessing and prosperity will flow like a mighty river from the south of Africa, through jungles and deserts to the east and to the west of Africa, until it reaches the very north of Africa. The deserts of western Africa will become fertile lands of abundance, providing food for nations. The very horn of Africa will known to be a horn of righteousness, and will be called the land of gentle and humble.
I will establish My rule and reign in South Africa and over Africa.
A President for South Africa will rise up who is a farmer of the land and fears My Name.
Prayer in the nation will be your food, and worship will be your drink.
South Africa will rise.
There is an abundance under your feet that is about to come out and the heavens above you will shower down blessings of favour.
You will see this and your heart will rejoice and your bones will flourish.
My Hand will be known to My servants.
My indignation will be known to My enemies.

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SCHOOL of PROPHECY with Mark Visser


Enroll today for the 5 week SCHOOL of PROPHECY.

Subjects covered:

Week 1:   (+/- 6hrs)

  1. Receiving and Delivering prophetic words.
  2. Sources of Communication.
  3. Steps towards knowing the Voice of God.

Week 2:   (+/- 8 hrs)

  1. Testing prophecy.
  2. False prophets.
  3. Strengths to be found in prophetic people.     

Week 3:   (+/- 6hrs)

  1. The gift of prophecy.
  2. General prophecy.
  3. The office of the prophet.


Week 4:   (+/- 8 hrs)

  1. Prophetic praise.
  2. Prophetic worship.
  3. Prophetic dance.
  4. Prophetic prayer.

 Week 5:   Report Back.

Personal Ministry.

Impartation and Prayer.       


All assignments to be submitted 24hrs before the next weeks lesson.

A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued on completion of the full course.


WEBINAR /SKYPE DATES:  Every Tuesday in August 2018

COURSE SCHEDULE and requirements:  

  1. Course Application form is required to be filled in.
  2. +/- 28 hours written and spiritual assignments to be completed.
  3. Teaching notes and assignments will be sent out one week before each webinar.
  4. Attendance to all Webinar/ Skype calls is required.   (1 hour 30 minutes per webinar) This can be arranged to fit into each others schedules.
  5. Written assignments to be submitted 24 hrs. before each webinar.
  6. Spiritual assignments are to be recorded in written form or electronic recording. (not needed to be submitted.)
  7. Average length of each assignment. +/- 1hr 30 minutes for each section.
  8. Course assignments will be reviewed and questions answered during each webinar / skype sessions.
  9. Ministry will take place near the closure of each webinar.
  10. Course and webinar / ZOOM.IN protocol is required at all times.
  11. Extra reading may be required.

COURSE COST:        Suggested Cost – US$ 200.00 or R.2000.00

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THE NOW WORD of GOD (English Below)
지금 주시는 하나님의 말씀
시 19:3 언어도 없고 말씀도 없으며 들리는 소리도 없으나
지금 주시는 말씀: 하나님의 말씀이 선포합니다. 하늘이 하나님의 영광을 선포하고 궁창이 그의 손으로 하신 일을 나타내는도다. 날은 날에게 말하고 밤은 밤에게 지식을 전하니. 예수님께서는 바리새인들을 꾸짖으셨고 자신의 제자들에 대해 이렇게 말씀하셨습니다. “만약 그들이 잠잠하면, 돌들이 소리치리라” 오늘날에도 이 메시지는 동일합니다. 만약 여러분이 잠잠하면, 돌들이 주님의 영광을 크게 소리쳐 외칠 것입니다. 여러분은 그분의 이름으로 불리는 자들이며, 그분의 영광이 여러분 위에 있습니다. 여러분은 살아있는 간증이 되도록 부름을 받았고 갈하고 목마른 모든 자들에게 주님의 영광과 그분의 말씀을 선포하도록 부름 받습니다. 모든 일에 감사를 드리고 하나님의 선하심을 선포하고 찬양하십시오. 그리고 그분께 생각을 고정시키고 그분을 증거하는 자가 되십시오. 여러분이 처한 모든 상황 가운데 주님의 말씀을 선포하시고 여러분의 목소리가 메마르고 목마른 땅 가운데 생명수 강이 되도록 하십시오.
여러분을 위한 저의 기도: 아버지 하나님, 주의 자녀의 입술을 만져주시기를 오늘 구합니다. 기도하오니 주 하나님 그들이 일어나 자기들이 처한 상황과 상관없이 당신의 선하심과 신실하심을 선포하도록 기도합니다. 주님은 선하신 하나님이시며 주의 영광이 지금 이 시간 당신의 자녀로부터 빛나고 있습니다. 이 시간 주의 자녀에게 생명의 말을 선포하며, 기도하오니 그들이 당신의 말씀을 선포하며 주의 지식을 드러내기를 구합니다. 주 하나님, 그들이 잠잠하지 않게 하시며 낮이고 밤이며 주의 말씀을 선포하게 하십시오. 기도하오니 그들이 주께서 그들의 삶 가운데 행하신 일을 부끄러워하지 않게 하시며, 주의 신부가 지금 이 시간 일어나 당신의 영광을 선포하게 하시옵소서. 아멘
스스로를 향해 이렇게 선포하십시오: 주 하나님, 오늘 구하오니 제 입술을 만지시고 제 생각을 새롭게 하여 주십시오. 기도하오니 주의 말씀이 언제나 제 마음 가운데 있게 하시고 늘 제 입술 가운데 발견되도록 하십시오. 주 하나님 구하오니 예수님의 이름으로 저를 만지시고 제 삶이 어두움 가운데 걷는 모든 자들에게 비취는 빛이 되도록 하십시오. 기도하오니 주 하나님 제가 복음을 부끄러워하지 아니할 것이며 주의 증인이 됨을 선포합니다. 기도하오니 제가 잠잠치 아니할 것이며 주의 말씀이 저를 통하여 사람들에게 들려질 것입니다. 아버지 하나님 구하오니 주의 말씀을 제 마음 속에 두시고 아무런 말이나 언어가 없는 곳에 저를 사용하사 이 목소리가 들려지게 하시옵소서. 주 하나님, 주의 음성을 듣고 주의 생각을 알 수 있도록 저를 가르쳐 주십시오. 아멘
Psalm 19: 3 There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.
NOW WORD: The Word of God declares that the heavens reveal the glory of the Lord and the earth shows His Handiwork. Day after day and night after night, they utter His speech and reveal His knowledge. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and said to them concerning His disciples, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” The same message is true today. If you keep quite, the stones will cry out of the Glory of the Lord. You have been called by His Name and His Glory is all over you. You have been called to be a living testimony and declare the Glory of the Lord and the Word of the Lord to those who are dry and thirsty. In all things give thanks and praise the Lord declaring the goodness of God, keeping your mind stayed on Him and being His witness. Speak the Word of the Lord in all your circumstances and let your voice be a river of Living of Water to a dry and thirsty land.
My prayer for you: Father God, I call on You today to touch the lips of Your child. I pray Lord God that they will rise up and declare Your goodness and faithfulness despite whatever they are face. You are good Lord God and Your Glory is shining from Your child right now. I speak words of life to Your child and pray that they will declare Your Word and they will reveal Your knowledge. Lord God, may they never be quite and may they speak Your Word day and night. I pray that they will not be ashamed of what you have done in them and that your Bride will arise and declare Your glory right now. Amen
Please pray this over yourself: Lord God I call on You today, to touch my lips and renew my mind. I pray that Your Word will always be in my heart and continually be found on my lips. I ask You Lord God to touch me now in Jesus Name and cause my life to be shining light to all who walk in darkness. I pray Lord God that I will not be ashamed of the Gospel and I will be Your witness. I pray that I will not be silent and that Your Word will be heard through me. I ask You Father God, to put Your Word in my heart and where there is no speech nor language, use me to be the voice that will be heard. Teach me Lord God to hear Your voice and to know Your thoughts. Amen
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