1 Chronicles 16;33

1 Chronicles 16:33 “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good for His steadfast love endures forever!”

THE NOW WORD: God is a faithful God, when you resting and taking time out, God is Your faithful God. When Your faith runs dry and is low, God is still faithful. Give will never give up on you. He created you with the end in mind and His goodness will shine through your darkest hour. His Love towards you endures forever. Abide in Him, get the faith of God and trust in His faith. God has made a covenant with Himself that He will be your God. His goodness extends to your deepest needs and His favor mercies endure forever. Rest in His steadfast love for it is your breakthrough.

My prayer for you is:Father God, I call on You today and draw Your child to You. Thank You Lord God that You know them from the inside out and You know their every need. You see them when they rejoice over victories and when they weep through trials. You are so every faithful and we praise You. Your Word says that Your arm is not too short that it cannot save. Come today and save Your child and redeem them and put a song of praise in their heart. I pray Lord God that Your child will rise up and bless Your holy Name. Amen.

Please pray this over yourself:Father God I come to You and give You thanks for You are good to me. You have saved me and You have delivered me from ruin. You are my God and I will honor You and I will bless Your holy Name. I love You and declare this day to speak of Your goodness and declare Your love. Father God, I ask You to give to me boldness to testify of Your faithfulness. Forgive me, Lord God and remove from pride me and give to me a worshiping heart. I truly desire to exalt You in every circumstance and in every place. You are worthy of all my praise I worship You and bless You for You God. Amen.

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