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RAIN - Mark Visser -

RAIN – Mark Visser

While sitting at my desk in prayer, a song came into my mind.

‘It’s beginning to rain.’

Joel 2;28 I will pour out (rain down) My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions.

The Lord spoke to me and told me of things that are to come.

The Lord said to me, “Hide yourself in me.” Psalm 91:1

There are two rains falling now. 

The enemy ‘satan’ can only imitate what God is doing. And his imitation the exact opposite of what God is doing.

The Rain of The Holy Spirit

The rain of the antichrist.

The Lord showed me great clouds on the horizon, very very dark clouds.

The most amazing pure clouds filled with life giving rain.

There is a great storm that is coming.

I see dark clouds on the horizon.

The purging rain of the antichrist for a season will try and rule. The effect of the antichrist rain on the believer will only be for the benefit of the believer and no harm will come to you. The head of the anti-Christ will be crushed by you My children – but as for now he is going around steal from, kill and destroy.

The rain that is coming!  It is not water but it is acid.

The rain of the antichrist will raise his head now.

The Acid rain will bring:

No hope- no revelation – casting off all restraint.  Leads to chaos and dis-order.  Proverbs 29;18 With no revelation people run wild.

Acid rain of bitterness and the acid of hatred in the heart of men and women one against another.

There will be a great pressure placed on the finances of the world.

After the acid rain will come a sweeping rise of racism like never seen before.

The evil one is coming to purge through biological, financial and racial genocide.

Governments and the lords of wealth will be implement death squads to purge the weak and religious.

Manifestation of the antichrist – every thing anti Christ.

The Lord said to me,

clean your house, protect your heart and guard your mouth. Stay in My presence, dwell in the secret place and abide under My shadow. Many will be burned in the falling rain though many more will find shelter and salvation through the rain of The Holy Spirit. Stay in My Presence under cover.’

The rain of The Holy Spirit will fall in Grace, Healing and Power.

The rain of The Holy Spirit is the purging rain that you need in your life

The Lord said to me, ‘Wait on me, Wait on me, Wait on me. My rain will come through and there will be no pain.’

With the rain of The Holy Spirit we will live and experience

The peace of Christ and the presence of God.

Multiple revelations now more than ever before and manifest in all areas of life.

Deep hunger for God followed with signs wonders and miracles.

Mass salvations and revival.

Rise of the church like never before. 

Great financial wealth and transfer.

The rain of The Holy Spirit will prevail and last for all eternity.

Mark Visser

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