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No War in Korea -

No War in Korea



You will hear of war, You will not see war on the Korean Peninsular.


There will be another revival in Pyongyang.


The Nation of KOREA will stand as one people and they will serve the Lord.

Korea will have one flag.
Korea will have one anthem.


Korea will have one national flower.


Korea will have one military force.


DPRK will be no more.

South Korea will be no more.


KOREA will be one people who live for the Glory of the King of Kings.


Unification will come to the Korean Peninsular without war.  


Not one bullet will be fired.


The Church in North Korea is alive and well.

The Church in South Korea is alive and well.


The Church of Korea will stand in my presence and I will send them to the nations of the earth to show My glory.


I will not share My Glory with any other.


From small towns in South Korea, people will rise up with signs and wonders.


From small towns in DPRK, My Glory will be seen through the lives of My people.


The church of DPRK will rise and go to America and lead them in repentance. Even muslim countries will see My Glory on My church of North Korea.


The church of DPRK will send show My Glory to the ends of the earth.  


My Glory will rise from the ashes and I will show My power with signs and wonders following. My hand is on USA and I will keep My promise to the Church of USA.  


I will send a fresh wave of revival through that land. from the North to the South and the West to the East.


My Glory will erupt in the center of USA and I will hold back judgment.

Even now, I will release My Glory to you in your quite place.


Like a mighty wind, will I blow on your garden and I will stir up a passion for My Name.


My desire is for you and I long to sit with you and share with you the deep secrets of My heart.


Come aside and be with Me.


Above all things, loose yourself in My presence and I will bless the works of your hands.


Your family will rise from obscurity, and My Glory will rest in your home.


I am yours and I have taken you for My own. Amen.

Mark Visser

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