2013 Prophecy


Prophetic insight is given by the Lord so that we will understand His heart, desires, perspectives and promises for the future.

Like Mary, we will say, “Be it done unto me according to Your word.” (Luke 1:38)

We will see the fulfillment of the prophecy in 2013.

  1. 2013, year of success and fruitfulness 

In 2013, the Lord is looking for those who will invest their “talents” wisely. 2013 is the year of abundance. It is a year of bringing forth fruit for the Lord and His Kingdom through the wise investment of the gifts He has given.

2. Change, Change, Change. 2013 is going to meet us with great change. The face of the church is going to change drastically. Political changes and shifts await us. Individuals will be called to make changes in their lives to facilitate the call of God. The sleeping giant will arise and be the bread basket to the nations of the world.

3. A year of covenant blessing. Abraham was blessed by God and called to be a blessing so that all the nations would be blessed. This is your calling in the Kingdom of God – to live in the blessings of God in Christ, so that the testimony of Christ is manifest through you.

4. Earth shaking catastrophes. The heavens and the earth will shake again and the nations will say “where is God?” The light of believers will shine through the dark hours allowing them to usher in revival and harvest. The church will be launched into mercy and compassion ministry when these catastrophes occur. Calls to prayer during these events will also be used to unite the Body.

5. Signs and wonders – Miracles and the super natural. The Lord is calling His church to move in the supernatural. Many will be called out of comfort into areas of great faith. Many will be called to feed the multitude by faith and God will receive the glory.

6. The secret persecuted church will arise and lead by example. The world will see faith in action. The persecuted church will rise with public exposure of miracles – mercy – long suffering – strength.  Many testimonies will go viral and public the fruit of the Holy Spirit is made manifest. This will lead the open church desire to know Christ, in His suffering, death, burial and resurrection.

7.  2013, will be known as the year of abundance. Many Christians will experience a deep passion for the presence of God. There will be a hunger that will rise in all Christians to experience more God than ever before. This will create abundance. Abundance in every area. The sinner will repent, marriages will be restored, there will be debt release and their will be radical mission outreaches and support to the work of God.

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