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2015 Prophecy -

2015 Prophecy




  1. The year of the whirlwind of God.

The year 2015 will be known as the year of the whirlwind.  2015 will be a year when the whirlwind will blow so hard in all areas of life and all the bad fruit will fall to the ground.

I see many Christian leaders will be exposed and fall, while many more will find Peace in the storm. The secret is to find the eye of the storm and stay in the eye of the storm.  The Lord sais to you, I will give to you the eyes of the dove. I will give to you tunnel vision. I will give to you single focus to keep your eyes on Me and I will give to you My peace. No danger will befall you and you will not suffer any loss when you keep your eyes stayed on Me.”  


  2. The Lord sais to you, ‘I will take you to the other side.  The Lord commanded and spoke the creation of the world into being and The Lord commanded His disciples that they would go to the other side of the sea of Galilee. Now the same command is given again by the Lord, saying, ‘He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.’  The Word of God will give to you peace to face every storm of life. When the disciples got fear, this fear displaced their faith and they  thought they where going to die. Jesus then rebuked their fear and then rebuked the storm. You must rest in the promise of God. He will take you to the other side.


  3. The year of passion. The Lord sais ‘PASSION WILL RISE.’Passion for lust, passion for greed, passion for violence and blood and passion to sin will be made so blatant that nations will think it normal and create laws to accommodate this sin and injustice. “Watch what I am about to do,” sais The Lord. ‘My sons and daughters will arise with greater passion for My presence than ever before.’


   4. National Leaders will come to salvation. I see all 50 States of the USA become Republican. The change has already started. A woman will rise in the USA who will lead the nation as President and will cry out publicly to God for Grace and Mercy and the Lord will show Mercy and Grace. The Lord will touch South Africa and the President of RSA will be saved. Korea will be one nation with no war. The unification will be a peacefull transition and Pyongyang will have revival again. Brazil will carry the holy fire of God and miracles and healings will be a daily occurrence publicized internationally.


  5. The reign and terror of the fundamental radical muslim will rise.Behind closed doors and in locked sealed rooms this will be declared to be the 3rdworld war. It will not be like any other war before. This war is to take over the world with the passive aggression of faith and the elimination of all heathen (non believers of the muslim faith). It will argued by the fundamentalists as to what God commanded Joshua to do in the Old Testament when occupying the promised land. 


  6. You will see the horns of the righteous be established and the horns of the un-righteous be cut down. You will see radical muslim leaders turn to Christ. Salvation will come to those you least expect. The Lord sais, ‘You will see modern day Apostle Paul’s rise with true repentance and a passion for My presence.’The Word of The Lord is, ‘Where sin abounds, Grace much abounds.’


  7. The Lord sais,‘I will restore broken families and heal the broken hearted. I will touch the mother of abortion and restore her beauty and dignity. I will pour out My Spirit in a mighty wave of salvation’The bride of Christ will arise. In 2015 we will see on international broad casting stations, families come to restoration, mothers who have aborted their children cry in repentance before God. We will see and will rejoice because the river of life is flowing to a dry and a thirsty land. We will see divorce in the church decrease and The Lord will heal the broken hearted.

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