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2014 Prophecy -

2014 Prophecy


Prophetic keys and insight is given by the Lord so that we will understand His heart, desires, perspectives and promises for the future.

Like Mary, we will say, “Be it done unto me according to Your word.” (Luke 1:38)

We will see the fulfillment of the prophecy in 2013.

Be careful that you do not miss the new thing the Lord brings across your path.

Get ready – be ready and step into your God given season

  1. 2014, will be the year of double. 

In 2014, the Lord is going to release a double blessing in your life.

The Key to receiving your double anointing is consecrate the works of your hands holy to the Lord. 

  2. Stability.

2014 is going to be the year of building deep foundations and experiencing stability in your life.

The Key to receive stability is to immerse yourself in His presence. Soak your self in worship – Christ is your solid Rock.

  3. A year of covenant mercies

The sure mercies of David are for your today. Despite your trial and circumstance, God will complete the good he began in you.

The key of covenant mercies is stay in His presence through worship and prayer.

  4. Nations being blessed and countries at war.

Those who bless Israel God will bless, and muslim countries and Arab States will wage war against each other.

Key to receive blessing from the Lord is to bless Israel – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bless Israel.

  5. Signs and wonders – Miracles and the super natural.

The Lord is calling His church to move in the supernatural. Many will be called out of comfort into areas of great faith. Many will be called to feed the multitude by faith and God will receive the glory.

The Key to move in the supernatural is to hang out with God.

  6. The Church will experience growth through evangelism based on passion for the presence of God.

The Key for church growth is to desire God above everything else. This desire will release to you the desire of God for the nations of the world.

The key for church growth is to be passionate for God. His passion will become your passion. The things that He loves, you will love.

  7. 2013, will be known as the year of double and intense passion. 

Many Christians will experience a deep passion for the presence of God. There will be a hunger that will rise in all Christians to experience more God than ever before. This will create abundance. Abundance in every area. The sinner will repent, marriages will be restored, there will be debt release and their will be radical mission outreaches and support to the work of God.

The Key to the year of double and intense passion is worship extravagantly.

Worship The Lord with a generous heart and let your offering be the measuring stick for your passion for His presence.

Mark Visser

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