Prophecy 2016

PROPHECY for 2016

The Land of Goshen

2016 is the year of the breaking of the drought.

The Lord says to you, I am taking you out of the season drought and bringing you into a land of plenty and abundance.

There are principals and secrets to know of this land.

I am taking from the unrighteous and giving to you for the extension of my Kingdom and the investment into your lineage. I will bless you and cause you to prosper. I will go before you and open the doors and shut the voices that try to stop you from increasing.

Abide in Me and I will abide in you and I will open to you abundance. My presence will rain upon you and My mercy will flow through you and you will be the blessing to many.

My river of life will flow through you to dry and thirsty places.

You will be the blessing to many and by the works of your hands, I will cause highways to be built in desolate places and rivers to flow in deserts.

You are the instrument of My choice and you are the vehicle I will use to unlock those who are bound and in chains.

Learn from Me, come walk with Me and I will show you how to live.

Your boundaries will be in pleasant places and your path will blessed. I Am the God if increase and My presence on you will cause increase and blessing to the works of your hands.

Consecrate and separate, holly to Me your work. New opportunities will come to you in 2016 and there will be no miscarriage to your dreams and your plans. You are entering into a season of new growth, quick growth and harvest.

Things are about to change. The foundations are being re-enforced and the structure is made strong again. The plumbline is being used and un-righteous relationships are being moved and righteous relationships are coming into place. You are being strengthened from the inside out to carry the work of Lord. Many will be blessed by the work of The Lord through your life.

2016 is the year of your increase.

I see that 2016 will the extremities.

Their will be extreme growth of sin being manifested.

  1. Radical, extremists, parading gross darkness of violence, lust and greed will be more prevalent and rampant than ever before.

  2. We will I.S. (islam extremists) raise their head against USA in trying to take out their leaders. They will target public places, but focus on leaders. We will see nations declare war on islam and we will hear of this being the war of all wars.

  3. We will see entire cities shut down for days as the cities will be too dangerous to walk in.

  4. We will see extreme changes in the weather, heat like never seen before and cold that will instantly freeze what comes near it.

  5 . We will see greater manifestations of the presence of God than ever before.

  6. Mass salvation. Entire cities coming to know The Lord overnight.

  7. Miracles and healings with signs and wonders.

  8. We will see national leaders publicaly declare Christ is Lord.

  9. We will see schools and education centers (universities) rise up to honor God.

  10. We will see cities of refuge rise out collapsed cities.

  11. We will see the greatest mission funding take place with many going into the harvest, and bringing change to countries.


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