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2020 Prophecy against Baal -

2020 Prophecy against Baal

Prophetic Word 01 June 2020 – from Mark Visser


The prophets of Baal, jezebel and ahab will not prevail.  


The prophets of God will stand for truth and righteousness.


South Africa. 

The government will fall – the church will rise. God will use the church in South Africa to bring peace in Africa and to be a blessing to Israel. 

Theft and crime will be exposed and then swept under the carpet and forgotten about.  

The Lord will bring fire. The Lord will bring Holy revival fire and purging judgment fire. This fire of God will show the favor and mercy of God.


I see in the US – the US will be red.  From the south to the north and the west to the east, The Lord cover this nation. For 24 years Believer leaders will sit in The White House. The White House will even be called the righteous house. There will be a removing of the ashera poles and witchcraft will become illegal and prohibited as a practice. A restraining order is coming against the prophets of Baal will be silenced. 


From South America will come fresh fragrances of love and peace.  Inebriating, mind renewing knowledge and volcanic explosions of revival. 


I see in Korea – one nation on the peninsula- two houses – one government- one anthem – one army – one people serving God – revival will come again to Pyongyang and to Seoul and the church will have a single voice. 

Europe. The whore bride will be silenced, she is full of disease.  No-one wants to sleep with her any more. I see a rebirthing – awakening – the sleeping giant stand up. The church of Europe stirs in her bowls and sings from her heart – she gives birth to waves of The Glory of God.  Like shock waves from an earthquake, there will be shock waves of revival from a church awake. Brilliant colors and radiant glory will shine from the Bride of Christ in Europe.

Down South Australia.   A Dynamos tsunami is abut hit. A golden Glory wave from the Gold Coast across the land to every distant shore, the wave of Glory will roll on and nothing will stand in its way. The wave of the presence of God will cover Australia and New Zealand. 

Coved 19 – will hang around and continue to threaten – The virus will divide into other viruses and will spark racial tension and starvation.

The Anti-Christ spirit will be made very visible through the coved-19 virus and some world organizations will be the puppets used to expose the anti-christ.


Time is short and Jesus will return soon. It is now time to get your house in order. 


Before the return of The Lord, we will see greater wanes of Glory than ever seen before  – This is the time for greatest move of The Holy Spirit than in all History. 


What happened on the day Pentecost was equal to an infant being born and the life of the same child now in adult hood. 


2000 years ago the church was that child. Today the church is the adult bride and the Groom is about to enter.


We the Bride of Christ/The Church will see the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit this world in this season has ever seen as multitudes will come to salvation and be set free.


Mark Visser

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