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2017 South Africa -

2017 South Africa


Isaiah 66:14  When you see this your heart will rejoice and your bones will flourish like the grass, The Hand of The Lord will be known to His servants and His indignation to His enemies.  

South Africa will rise from the ashes, 

South Africa is called to be the bread basket of Africa and the hand of blessing to Israel.

Shortly after the birth of Jesus, North Africa was the place where baby Jesus hosted and protected from certain premature death.

Shortly before the return of Jesus Christ, South Africa will become the place where presence of God will be hosted and new Life will flow from.

A power of darkness has swept through the land of Africa. 

It has ravaged, pillaged and destroyed infants and adults alike.

The enemy had plans that South Africa will be a scorpion in Africa, with pinchers closing on all its surrounding boarders and its venomous tail striking the heart of Israel.

I have chosen that South Africa will carry a double anointing. 

South Africa will have two hands. One hand will be a bread basket to all its neighbors and the hand will be a blessing hand to Israel.

New Life, blessing and prosperity will flow like a mighty river from the south of Africa, through jungles and deserts to the east and to the west of Africa, until it reaches the very north of Africa. The deserts of western Africa will become fertile lands of abundance, providing food for nations. The very horn of Africa will known to be a horn of righteousness, and will be called the land of gentle and humble.

I will establish My rule and reign in South Africa and over Africa.

A President for South Africa will rise up who is a farmer of the land and fears My Name. 

Prayer in the nation will be your food, and worship will be your drink. 

South Africa will rise.  

There is an abundance under your feet that is about to come out and the heavens above you will shower down blessings of favor.

You will see this and your heart will rejoice and your bones will flourish. 

My Hand will be known to My servants.

My indignation will be known to My enemies.

Mark Visser

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