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Perceive beyond perception.   -

Perceive beyond perception.  

1 Cor.  9:24.   Run the race in such a way that may obtain the prise.  

What you hear and what you see in the present have already happened in the past. 

We are living on a time warp. 

When run a race we don’t run by looking back at where you came from.

We run a race by looking forward at the goal, at the end line, at wining the prize of first place.

The runner leaps forward like an arrow sit from the bow towards its goal. 

Like the rays of the sun coming to earth. The distance from sun extremely great yet it only takes 8 minutes 20 seconds for light to get from the sun to earth. 

The speed  of Light 1.07 billion km p/hr –  670,616,629 mph 

And the speed of sound is 343 meters per second. 

Though this is really fast, the truth is we can see the end result long before we even arrive at the point. 

As Christians we are called to forecast and declare that what has already happened in the future, and soon will be become our history.

All people are news reporters. Telling stories of what has already happened, simply reporting old news.

It is amazing how the secular media will often predict and prophecy of things to come.. example like that movie called, ‘back to the future’. 

In Habakkuk 2;2-4  we see the time delay.  “The vision awaits an appointed time and it will not delay.”


Consider the sound of echo and the time it takes to hear sound of the echo.  

All that you hear and see has already taken place is past tense. 

This apples to The Word of God that was  decreed and declared before it came to your natural hearing. 

The problem many of face is that we continually look back at our past and listen to the voices behind us, reminding us of our failures. 

It is most important to close the door behind you (2Kings 4) on your past and run into the reality of who you are.  

Your past must not hold you back.  

You must read yesterdays news.

You must in the reality of faith.

You must listen to the sound that has not yet heard by natural hearing. 

The only way to hear and see the truth, is to live in faith and look ahead. 

Romans 1;17 you are called to live by faith. 

2 Corinthians 5;17, you live by faith and not by sight.

I pray The Lord give to you prophetic revelation and insight into looking forward and seeing the goal and prize that is in Christ Jesus. 

I pray you run the race with faith, knowing that you are a winner. 

Mark Visser

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