Psalm 113;3

From the rising of the sun to its setting, the Name of The Lord is to be praised.

THE NOW WORD: All day long and through the night, His promise to you will never fail. The Lord will lift you up and The Lord will bring you through. Do not loose hope. Put your hope in the Lord. Put your faith in God. Instead of focusing on the issues of the day, focus on The Lord. When your priority is seeking The Lord first, you will see all that you desire will come after you. God will give to you (the righteous) the desires of your heart and He will show Himself to you as Your faithful God. Amen 

My prayer for you is: Father God I call on You to touch Your child and reveal to them Your faithfulness. I pray Lord God that they will focus on You and seek Your Face. I pray that when they wake up in the morning their hearts will be tuned to You and I ask You Father God to help them to keep their mind stayed on You all day, and when evening comes, they will give to You all their praise. Amen

Please pray this over yourself:  Father God, I bless Your Name. I honor You and give You all my praise. I worship You, for You are faithful. I thank You that You had me in Your thoughts even before I was conceived. All day long You keep me and protect. You have set Your angels to care for me and watch over me. I am truly blessed to be Your child and I exalt You. I will keep my eyes stayed on You and I will seek You with all my heart and constantly rest in Your presence. I thank You that You guide me and lead each day. I love You. Amen

Mark Visser

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