12 Gates of Life

12 Gates of Life.


Life is about seasons a seasons:

    Seasons of the year and the seasons of life


Mountains in life;

   Mountains you speak to.

   Mountains you fight.

   Mountains you climb.


Storms in life;

   Self storm.

   Devil storm.

   God storm.


Matt. 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven”


Keys of the Kingdom are love, joy, peace & righteousness in The Holy Spirit.



12 Gates of Life found in Nehemiah 3, 8 & 12


  1. SHEEP Gate– Salvation.
  2. THE FISH GATE – Follower of Christ.
  3. THE OLD GATE– Old speaks of that which is past.
  4. THE VALLEY GATE – Psalm 23;4.
  5. THE DUNG GATE– Jesus ran when He cleaned up the temple.
  6. THE GATE OF THE FOUNTAIN – Is always before the water gate.            
  7. THE WATER GATE – You are river of living water.
  8. THE HORSE GATE – Discipline, strength, endurance and speed .     
  9. THE EAST GATE – A new day begins for us. 
  10. THE GATE MIPHKAD– Gate of assignment.
  11. THE GATE OF EPHRAIM– Gate of double fruit
  12. THE PRISON GATE – Prisoner of Christ.

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