Dear Mark
I am not sure if you will still remember us, but I have been meaning to send this email ever since the weekend we’ve met you.
We were invited by a friend to a prophetic training meeting you had in April.
You spoke to both my husband and me that day.
First of all – thank you for telling me that I can trust my husband and that he is committed to me and our family (I needed to hear that “once more” and I must be honest with you, God has blessed us and in particular my husband – in particular since he decided to commit to Him)
Secondly, you did the most amazing thing as you were guided by God to pray for us – in particular you said, he must to put his hands and my hands on my stomach. At the time we were just beginning to try to have a baby and the doctor picked up some irregularities in my cells – the last thing we anticipated was that something might be wrong with my health, we thought we are embarking on this new exciting journey in our life together – and we were devastated to learn that we might not be able to have a baby after all. To this day, I still believe that your prayer to God, made this all happen – as I am 17 weeks pregnant now! It is going well with us and with baby and we can’t wait to have her/him in our presence in January.
I’m sorry it took so long to send this email, again, thank you for that day.

May you be blessed – even more than now.
God is Good!
R & A
If you need a touch from The Lord – please contact me and we will pray for You.
Our God is Healer.

Mark Visser

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