Power of Association

Hosea 12;10

I have spoken by the prophet and multiplied visions; I have given symbols (Actions) through the witness of the prophets.

What are the rewards of being under the prophetic gift.

  • Be ministered to by a prophet.
  • Be under a prophets ministry.
  • Be a partner with a prophet.The Rewards are:Multiplied Visions.
    Prophetic Symbols – mean symbolon, this means token and watch word.
  1. MULTIPLIED VISION – everything else multiplies.
  2. What you see you become – What do you see.
  3. When you multiply vision, everything else multiples.
  4. Clear Image will come to you. LOGOS
  5. Great imagination will come to you. LOGISMOS
  6. Experiences will come to you.
  7. The reward of the Joseph’s vision will come to you.
  8. Forward thinking, increase and blessing.
  9. PASSION for the Presence of God will come to you.

Symbols – something that represents or suggests something. Symbols often take the form of words, visual images or actions.

One thing you must watch.
One Word you must perceive and see.
One prophetic word and your life will change forever.

You perceive whats in the word when you receive the Word.

The reward of the prophet is to sow seed into the prophets life and reap a reward of multiplied visions and symbols / actions

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