Nehemiah 8:10

Nehemiah 8;10 ‘ the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the Joy of The Lord is your strength.’

NOW WORD: Sow your seed with joy, then eat your fruit. (2 Kings 4;5,6) The prophet told the widow to close the doors behind her and pour the little bit of oil she had into the empty vessels. The principle here obedience to the Word. The door behind you, are the voices of your past, and empty the vessels around you, are the people for whom nothing is prepared. The Lord will bless the works of your hands and the fruit of your tongue, when you apply the Word of God to your life. You will eat the fat and drink the sweet and you will be called the blessing of the Lord to those you sow seed to.

OUR PRAYER FOR YOU. Lord we pray that Your Name be exalted through the life of Your child. We pray that they will sow their seed and eat their fruit. We pray Lord God that You open their eyes to see the power of seed sowing and experience Your joy in eating the fruit from their sown seed. Father God, we pray that peace and joy come on Your child while stress and pressure lift off their shoulders now in Jesus Name. We pray for reprieve and recompense to Your child and Your Joy to increase in their life so they can be strong for others who are weak. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS OVER YOURSELF.Lord God I come before You with joy in my heart, giving praise to You for all You have done for me. I bless You Lord God and thank You, that You have blessed me to eat the fat and drink the sweet. You have given to me the very best and I choose to sow my seed and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared. Show me Lord where to do this now, and I thank You that the portions I send will be a key to unlock doors for others and bless them. I thank You for You multiply and increase me and cause me to the blessing. Thank You Father God that Joy I receive from You is my strength. I love You and choose to serve You with all I have. Amen

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