Breakfast with Jesus

John 21:12 ‘Come and eat breakfast.’

NOW WORD:Through obedience to The Now Word of God, 7 Disciples experienced a miracle in their work and caught a 153 fish and enjoy a miracle breakfast prepared by Jesus. The Word of The Lord to you is; ‘I will pour out My Spirit in your life and I will cause miracles, signs and wonders to follow you when you walk obedience to My Word. Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you (James 4;8). Come and eat breakfast with Me and I will reveal to you the rest of your day.’

Our prayer for you is:Father God, we pray in Jesus Name that Your child will take time out now, sit in Your presence and enjoy the meal You have prepared for them. Lord we pray they will not question or argue this with logic. In obedience to Your invitation, they will see You are waiting for them. You will reveal to them fresh strategy for their work and You will perform miracles through them for Your Glory. Thank You Father God, that You have already prepared the exact amount for their reward and You have already prepared this miracle breakfast. Father God You are already waiting for Your child to come and eat the breakfast. Now we pray for faith to arise and obedience to follow in their life as they come before this day and seek Your face. Amen

Please pray this over yourself:Father God I am ready for You to reveal to me the new strategy and I am hungry for the meal of breakfast. Above this Lord God I want to thank You that You have invited me to eat breakfast with You. I do the same thing Peter did, I remove my outer garments and I cleanse myself through obedience of Your Word. Like Peter plunged into the sea, so I run and plunge into the invitation of having breakfast with you. I thank You Lord God that You will multiply and increase me, and bless the works of my hands. Lord God, I pray that I will never miss the invitation You give to me. I love You and desire to eat breakfast with You. Amen

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