26 Dec 2018

Isaiah 60;1 “Arise, shine; for your Light has come! And the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”

NOW WORD: As the Lord God breathed into Adam and Eve, so will the Lord God breathe into you and give you new life. Your God, who is the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He is your Light. He has come to you, and He will arise with you. He will bring His Light to where you and He will cause His Glory to arise over you. He is your faithful God and He will bless your coming in and your going out. This is a new season in and the darkness will exposed and the shadows will dissipate. The Light from the Glory of God will be on you and you will be blessing to all around you.

Our prayer for you is:Lord God we come before You today and call on Your Holy Name. Father God, we pray that Your child will not walk in the light of their own doings and accomplishments. May they only walk in Your Light and we pray that they will not take the Glory for anything that You do through them. May they give to You all the Praise and Glory for You have saved them, and You have risen upon them. Thank You Father God that You will breathe new life into them this day and You will cause the works of the hands to prosper. You will cause them to continually walk in Your light and Your Glory. Amen

Please pray this over yourself:Father God, I come to You today in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Thank You that You have given to me Your Light and in the power of Your Light I will arise and shine. I thank You that Your glory is risen upon me and I choose to walk holy before You in all I do. I exalt You and bless Your Holy Name. I thank You that You are my God and that You have breathed new life into me. Amen

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