Philippians 3;13

Philippians 3:13 ‘reaching forward to those things which are ahead.’

NOW WORD; The Lord will direct your steps and cause all your ways to prosper when you submit your plans to Him and acknowledge Him in all your ways. (Prov.3; 6, 16; 3) Your destiny is your heritage and your future is secure. The crooked paths will be made straight and The Lord will establish you. You look much better in the future than you look right now so don’t look back (Luke 9; 62). Put your hand to the plow and run the race with patience and confidence that He who began a good work in you is faithful to bring it to pass. (Phil. 1; 6)

MY PRAYER FOR YOU IS; Lord God thank You that will not let the feet of your child slip. They choose to acknowledge in You in their ways, and according to Your Word You will cause them to prosper. Now we pray in Jesus Name, for their victory and their success. For their blessing, and prosperity and we declare that as they press forward to the mark of the High calling in Christ Jesus, they will seek You first above everything they desire, and You will establish them bless them. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS PRAYER OVER YOURSELF; Lord God I choose today to submit my plans to You in all I do. I thank You that You will direct me and cause me to prosper. Lord God I acknowledge You as My Lord and my God and I consecrate all I do to You. I thank You that will straighten my path and bless the works of my hands. I thank You that You will be seen in all I do and all I say. Thank You Father God that my hope is in You, and I know that my reward is great in Jesus Name. I separate myself and race holy to You and choose to live a life that brings honor to Your Name. Amen

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