The year of SUCCESS

Five easy steps to ensure THE YEAR OF SUCCESS

God wants to draw you into His presence and take you into intimate fellowship on the highest heights and the greatest mountains in every area in your life.
God wants to give to you a mountain top experience and give to you the desires of your heart.
God wants to co-partner with you in all your desires, visions and plans.

God wants you to rule with Him in heavenly places and God wants you to be the salt of the earth and His ambassador for His Kingdom.

God says to you,
“if you accommodate My Holy Spirit in your work place, I will show you My power and My authority in your market place. I will cause this coming year 2011 to be the year of your success”.

Intimacy with God is the key that enables you and empowers you to take be a success.

True success is having God as your partner, while achieving and arriving at the ever developing, progressing, ideals, objectives and goals in front of you.

Scripture Reference:
Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will l be added to you.’

Psalms 24:3,4 ‘Who can go the mountain of the Lord? Who can stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, and has not spoken deceitfully.’

FIVE easy steps for SUCCESS:
1. Seek First
2. Motivation
3. Method
4. Focus
5. Power of the Tongue

1. SEEK FIRST: Get passionate for the right things. Create an atmosphere for hunger. Do not be satisfied with status quo. Get desperate for God to touch you. In all things give thanks, yet stay hungry and be hungry for more. Have clear objectives and know your vision. Create a list of all the things you wish to accomplish, whether at home, in business, with friends or with relationships. Write your vision down and make it visible. Set realistic time frames that you can achieve. Give yourself 100% to what you are best at. Do not lose focus of your vision.
2. Motivation: The bible says that the heart is desperately wicked above all things. Continually check the motivation of why you do what you do. Surrender all you do to God and dedicate the works of your hands holy to God. Remember what your greatest asset is. Hold onto value systems that are from God and not the value system of the world. Your Ethos must be God centered. Remember, the fruit of your labor is determined by the root of your heart.
3. Method: Success is not measured by the size of your herd. Proverbs 27;23,24 ‘be diligent to know the state of your flocks and attend to your herds, for riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure for all generations’. The principles you live by will create the world you live in. If you change your principles, you can change your world. This means that you are successful because you tend to your life with a value system that is built on righteousness and integrity for the condition of your herd (assets and things most dear to you). The method of your work is all about clean hands. About having righteous integrity and your priorities in correct order.
I suggest the following is the correct order of prioritization:
a) Your relationship with God.
b) Your relationship with yourself – body, soul and spirit.
c) Your relationship with your soul (mind, will and emotions).
d) Your relationship with spouse (husband or wife).
e) Your relationship with your children.
f) Your relationship with your work. ( this is what God uses to put food on your table)
g) Your relationship with ministry (you are called by God).
h) Your relationship with church (the place where you worship).
i) Your relationship with the widening community.

4. Focus – Do not be double minded in your focus and vision. Do not lift up your soul to an idol and lose focus of the main thing. Keep the main thing the main thing. Find out what God is looking at as the main thing and then focus on that. Stay focused on what God vision for your life is. Begin with the end in mind and set up clear goals. If you don’t have a goal, make your goal finding your goal. Write out your goals clearly and commit them to God in prayer. Visualize your success in 2011 and make a purposeful decision to succeed.

5. Power of the Tongue: Proverbs 18; 21 ‘Death and life are on the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.’ This is the possibly the most ultimate test of your success. Watch what comes out your mouth. Speak your vision. Do not speak your fears or your threats. Let your focus and vision be on your tongue. Daily feed your mind with the right food and thoughts. Remember the Word of God says that you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. Speak of your goals as though you already own the end product. God has given to you the victory; now speak only what you know to be the truth.
We pray that you will successfully enter into 2011 as winner already received the prize.
We bless you and we pray that the anointing of God rest on you for the year that lies ahead.
Thank you to all our dear friends and partners that have stood with us in 2010 and we look forward to the most successful year ever.
GOD is good.
God is good on the mountain.
God is good in the valley.
God is good on level ground.
God is good.

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