NO WAR IN on the Korean Peninsula. – February 2018

You will hear of war, you will not see the war.

You will be told, its about to happen now.

The will be no war on the Korean Peninsula.

There will be a uniting of the Nation of Korea.

There will be a new government.

There will be a new national flag.

There will be on a new national flower and there will be one military that will serve the one nation of Korea.

There will be no war in Korea.

You will The Lord God do a miracle over the Nation of Korea.

What happened 111 years ago in Pyongyang is about to happen in a fresh of revival across the world.

Revival will take place in Korea again move from the east to the west.

There will be no stopping of this end time revival and Korea will be used to be an instrument in The Hand of God to bring revival of the presence of God to the world.

Even now, the power of darkness in the DPRK are shaking. The devil knows his time is short and he is giving one last parade of force through the prisoners of the DPRK.

The religious powers of South Korea are under threat and will be exposed. The chairman spirit in the nation of South Korea and in the church of South Korea will crumble.

Light has already broken through and the Kingdom of God advances into the DPRK and South Korea.

This nation will be used as one people who will stand behind Israel as their major supporter and the main tool in the Hand of God in the end time revival for all nations.

The DMZ will stand broken and as a reminder of what God has done in one day.

World maps will be re-written.

The Lord will stay the hand of the enemy for the sake of the righteous.

The Lord will keep back the spirit of death and bloodshed, because the righteous.

You will see The Hand of God come to a nation with national repentance and national worship.

The Lord showed me this year 2018 (5778) is the year of the Open Door.

The Year of the OPEN GATE.

The city of Seoul has 8 gates.

The gates of Seoul have a great symobolical and traditional meaning.

4 Main Gates

Bukdaemun North gate – The gate of authority

Dongdaemun East gate – The gate of revival

Namdaemun South gate – The gate of legislature

Seodaemun West gate – The Gate river of revival will flow out.

4 Small Gates

N/W Gate Showing the Correct Thing Gate

N/E Gate Distribution of Wisdom Gate

S/E Gate Bright Light Gate

S/W Gate Promotion of Justice Gate

KOREA will be unique that will have two capitol cities, both with different purposes serving one nation.

The Hand of The Lord is on Korea and The Lord has heard their cry.


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