Prophetic Business Leaders are rising.

There is a great need in the church today for the Christian Business Leaders to rise out of mediocrity and stand above average as prophetic business leaders who know the Word of God concerning their business and their market place.

For too long now, businessmen and women have been given a role by the church of merely being fund collectors for the church. I believe that God is raising up a breed of Daniels, Josephs, Deborah’s and Ruth’s; Men and Women who will seek the face of God and then impart what they have to others.

We need to change our thinking that prophecy is only for the Sunday morning church program, or for Christians who want to have a ‘bless me’ club. (A group of Christians who go round gathering prophecies one after another, like fortune cookies, hoping to receive something that tickles their ears.)

Prophecy is for all who desire to seek more of God and impact the area of their influence with the Presence of God.

Most Christians make their primary income outside the church and most of the income inthe church comes from those who understand God’s principals on finances.

Some highly successful business enterprises recorded in the bible, attribute their success to hearing a direct Word of the Lord and following it in obedience.

I am convinced that many of the bad decisions Christians have made in business are due either to the fact that they have not heard the Word of the Lord on the matter, or that they have not obeyed the Word of the Lord.

Many prophets, priests and kings will be exposed for the motives of their hearts and the methods they operate under. God is calling people to come before Him with clean hands and a pure heart. The clean hands represent the method of your walk and a pure heart represents the motivations that drive the person.

In regard to kings, (business people) they will need to come into a place where they receive personal revelation from God for the prosperity of their enterprise.

This is a time of laying the Isaacs down and seeking the Face of God with greater intensity than before.

The reason for this is that God is jealous for His people and many kings have subtly fornicated themselves by losing their passion for God and chasing after the success of business. These people will be exposed as their hands are not clean and hearts are impure.

The Lord is looking for kings of calibre to influence the market place and minister to other kings who have lost their first love. As a king The Lord will reveal to you strategies and ways to impact society with righteous living and holiness.

Whether in government or leading in law, in business, economics’, social welfare, security or development, the success of the projects that God’s people undertake depend on the hearing of God’s voice and the obedience to that Word.

Moses succeeded in leading the nation as statesman. He took the nation of Israel from slavery to freedom, yet made his most terrible mistake when he lost faith in the Word of the Lord. (Numbers 20:12 Because you did not believe Me, to sanctify Me in the eyes of the sons of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.)

Even though Moses was one of the greatest leaders of all times and one of the greatest prophets, because he did not speak to the rock, but rather hit it twice, he did not lead the people into their victory.

For business people / kings to impact their community and show the glory of God, they need to walk in holiness before God and the people.

Noah was commissioned to construct a ship on the blue print that God had given to him. If Noah changed course, even in the smallest detail, he could have sunk the ark. Gideon was called to lead an elite military army. His screening process was not conventional for war. His obedience to God’s Word brought victory.

In the middle of a national drought the Lord gave Isaac a word to go be obedient. Against all the odds, Isaac planted seed in the middle of the drought at God’s command and that same year he reaped a hundred fold.

Josiah the King enquired of the Lord (2 Chron.34;21,27,28) and responded to the Word of God and the Lord saved them and they did not see disaster.

Nehemiah 1;3-4,6;16 The Lord placed a burden on Nehemiah’s heart and prayed and submitted his plans to God. The credit to the rebuilding of the wall is given to God.

I have a very interesting book on my shelf. ‘70 Great Christians – Changing the World’, by Geoffrey Hanaks. This book goes into detail how these men and women from the time of the early church through the dark ages up to today – all brought change to their community through a word from God.

From the days of Peter and Paul up to the days of the Vins family in Russia, Richard Wurmbrand in Romania, Brother Andrew in Russia, Sadhu Sundar Singh in India and Tibet. People ruled as Kings and changed their communities for God. Jackie Pullinger was instrumental in bringing change to Hong Kong and Billy Graham that was a Christian statesman that impacted nations with the Gospel of Christ. I recommend you get this book for your shelf. It is easy reading and motivating.

You are called to be such a witness.

You are called to be a prophetic business leader.

Scripture makes it clear that God will speak to you and help you succeed in your enterprise. The secret is to understanding the times we are living in and knowing what is God saying concerning the season we are in.

Ed Silvoso writes: “I thoroughly enjoyed dealing, buying, selling and hiring. The pressure was always on, but each time it approached the boiling point, I reached for what I called the Jesus chair. This was a chair I had in placed my office. When things became unmanageable, I would close the door, kneel by the chair and ask for divine guidance. Repeatedly God provided it. Sometimes He did it in a quiet way. At other times, He gave me specific directions. More than once He performed business miracles in answer to those prayers. It was so reassuring to know that Jesus was there and that He had anointed me for the Job I had.”

The Lord has really been speaking to me in regard to ministering to prophetic business leaders and I believe it is God’s first choice to speak to you personally.

As I wrote earlier, The Lord will reveal to you strategies and ways to impact society with righteous living and holiness. Without the gifts of the Spirit in operation, believers today will not know when they need to speak up, move or even stand still. God is raising up a mighty army that demonstrate God as supreme and seek to see the Kingdom of God advance

When God sent Christ to earth – He placed Him in the home of a business-man (Joseph)

Jesus’ cousin ‘John the Baptist was placed in the home of a priest.

When Jesus called his team together, He did not go to the temple and choose people that where already priests or involved in the work of the temple. Jesus chose business people from the community to impact their workplace and brings transformation to society.

Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen. Jesus used their boats to travel in ministry, and their nets to catch food and pay taxes.

Mathew was a tax collector, when on His calling was immediately asked to bring his co-workers together for a meal. At this point they all heard the Message of Christ. Luke 5:29.

Simon the Zealot was in all likelihood a mercenary, and had influence in the community.

Brothers of Jesus where carpenters in their fathers business. Matt 13:55 Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joseph, and Simon, and Judas? Possibly their business where dedicated to God and used for the extension of the Kingdom.

We know James was saved, and went on to leadership in the Jerusalem church (Gal. 1:19).

Revelation 1:6 “and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father– to him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.”

Gen 14:18 “and Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was priest of God Most High.”

Kings and Priests include all the body of Christ. Generally Priests’ minister in the temple (Samuel) Generally Kings finance the temple work (David) Priests bring the vision; kings bring the provision.

You are a King and you are a Priest and the anointing of God is on your life to be effective in your work to lead others to salvation.

Partner with Prophetic Equipping Ministries and we will cover you in prayer and give to you prophetic insights, teaching and encouragement.


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