Count your blessings:

Take some time out, make a short list and give thanks and count your blessings.

For example (and here are some things that you):

  • I am alive.
  • I am blessed because I breathe.
  • I live in a free country.
  • I have clothing on my back and have been fed good food.
  • I have an education.
  • I have a hope and a dream.
  • I have a future.

Now carry on and list some other things that you consider to be particularly precious to you. You will be amazed to see how blessed you are when you bring your life into this positive perspective. This is a simple but highly rewarding exercise. If we do this with a sincere heart and give God the praise for each and every blessing in our pot, you will delight at the result. God will then cause his blessing and rain to fall upon us. (Zech 14:17). Give God the glory and you will be amazed at the increase in your blessing and even at your capacity to hold blessing.

Ask God to help you change the old mindset and increase your ability to grasp, to see, believe and hold onto the blessings of today.

Following this exercises, a greater blessing is only as far away as your next decision.

Allow a power energy thought to flow through you – you have heard it said that you are what you eat, well you are also what you think and what you decide. So make choices that will positively impact on your destiny. (Phil. 4:13)

Decision-making is an inescapable task in life and cannot be avoided. If you do not make decisions, then decisions will make you. And if you are going to make quality decisions that will produce quality, positive results, then these guidelines will help:

  • Watch your words – before you speak.
  • Prepare yourself – before you speak.
  • Have a systematic approach to all decisions.
  • Focus on important decisions.
  • Watch out for the tyranny of time.
  • Be aware of the consequences of your decisions.
  • Do not become a victim of analysis paralysis.
  • Base decisions on facts, inner convictions and core biblical values.
  • Be bold.
  • Learn from any mistakes you make.
  • Be creative in decision-making.
  • Once a decision is made, move forward.
  • Remember the power of the tongue.

God’s Word says that His Word is the light to your path and the lamp to your feet. Live by His Word and you can live in your destiny today and know that by the power of a positive decision, a positive action is formed; through repetition of positive actions, positive habits are created; when you have positive habits, a positive character will be formed and a positive character will lead you into your destiny which you have entrusted to God.

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