VISION & PROPHETIC WORD Monday 07 April 2014

I see a great revival and spiritual awakening take place.

I see America will stand out as a nation that served God with the fear of God in their bones. A disease of no reverence for God has taken root in very core of America that comes from the marrow of the country. The blood of America has been defiled, and the only cure is a blood transfusion. I see a great revival coming to America and the defiled high altars will be removed and the presence of God like fresh rain will sweep across the nation. People will cry out to the Lord and call on His Name and He will touch them from Seattle to all the outlying cities and towns. There will be a mighty flow of the presence of God with healings and miracles that will come upon nation. The Lord will sweep through the corridors of schools, colleges and universities. The Voice of the Lord will be heard in the White House and God will cause His purifying purging rain to rest in Washington.

I see Europe, will rise from the ashes. I see a death that will take place in the highest of places made by man. Then the same will rise and stand healed, bringing Glory to God. Millions will see what God is doing across the nations of Europe as boarders change and become one. I see green fields and brown lands standing as one nation. I see theft take place in the European Union and many exposed and imprisoned. I see the United Nations change color like a chameleon. I see a new body, a third group called The Tribe stand as a new entity that promotes peace and justice for all. They have an agenda, their own agenda. The Lord showed me, that in the confusion and chaos His Glory will rise. His presence will rest on families, towns, and cities. His anointing will come in power on people that will have no fear of others and only have fear for God. Once again will the sacrifice be pleasing to the Lord. The Glory of God will rise over Europe and the Name of the Lord will be exalted in many homes across the nations of Europe.

I see Africa will shine. Dust has settled on you. The Lord is changing the dynamics of Africa. What was called a black hole in the past will now be known as the financial source of new entities and dynamics. Nigeria will rise and send out missionaries into all the world. The Lord has placed His anointing on them for this season. Nigeria will emerge as a nation with good intentions and then reveal its true colors. They will stand behind countries in support, then stand in those same countries and then consume those countries and feed off them. The Lord will raise up from Nigeria a mighty people that will move in signs and wonders and bring Glory to the Name of God. Zimbabwe, you have the light of the Lord your God within you. You will once again be known as the bread-basket of Africa. South Africa, The Lord has healed you and The Lord will show you to the nations as the coat that Joseph wore. You will not be sold into slavery like Joseph was, and the Lord will raise you up to be a Joseph to the nations of the world. Nations will come to you and return the gold, diamonds and minerals that have been pillaged from your soil. I see you South Africa be the friend to Israel and many countries follow you and learn from your example. You will be the posterity to Africa and The Lord will expose and remove the unrightous branches that you bear.
I see Asia will come into my Peace and Rest. Confusion will rule and reign over Asia, but Truth and Rightousness of The Lord will be lifted to the highest of mountains. The Lord will sharpen the sword over Japan, and China will be a rough uncut diamond. Korea will be healed and stand as one nation with unity and justice rising from the morning calm. I see baby butterflies soar like eagles, and remove the little foxes that have spoiled vineyard. I see churches across Korea stand as one united people in worship lifting the name of the Lord. The Lord says to you Korea. “I call on you for more. I call on you to give to me your Isaac. I will double the mission work that you have done and increase the fruit of your labor.”

I see Australia, walk in the Light of the Lord, and not your own light. Australia will walk away from secularism and humanism and they will walk in the ways of the Lord. As worship has risen and came out from Australia, now intercession and prayer will arise through you. I hear one voice crying out loud. The voice of Australia. The cry of freedom of slavery of the spirit. The Lord says to you, “My people, I have placed you in this land to declare My freedom to all the earth. You will give to birth to a new sound of the heavens. The sound of freedom. A cry of joy and cry of praise for Freedom has come to your gates.”

I see Russia and the Staans will be known for Holiness unto the Lord. There will be many rumors of war – but the Peace of Christ will prevail. The Kingdom of God will rule and The Lord will raise up young leaders that have no fear for the prince of darkness. I see smoke on the mountains and hills, sacrifices holy unto the Lord and offerings that are pleasing to God. The unrightous will rise, but the righteous will be exalted.

I see ministers in the market place will be divided into two camps. Those who are for God and those who are against God. Those who are for God, have no other agenda, but God. Those who are against God, have a secret agenda. Their own agenda. I see as it was in the book of acts, so will it be now. There will be a great revival and many entrepreneurs will arise with new inventions and ideas that will change history. I see the great spiritual awakening bring to birth new thoughts and ideas that will change circumstances through the power of thought. Lights will be switched on and new courses of life will be written with the blink of an eye. The Lord will raise up modern day Priscilla’s and Aquila’s who will enable modern day Paul’s to go into all the world. You will see the dead rise and you will some die. Those who carry the spirit of Ananias and Saphira will come to buy the favor and blessing of God with deceit in their heart. The Spirit of God will not contend with them and they will die. The Lord will raise great true philanthropists who will be obedient to the Word of God and give according to their faith. Even now The Lord will raise up the widows who will provide by Divine intervention.

I see the ministers of the church will stand in the Fear of My Name. They will serve The Lord and not be servants to their own mission. The house they have built in their name for The Lord will crumble and become an Ichabob. The true servants of God will rise and the House of The Lord will be established as the mountain of all dwellings. Nations will come running into the house of The Lord and from the house of The Lord will food flow to the nations of the world. You will see the house of The Lord rise above all financial institutions as the house that feeds the nations. The Glory of God will flow from the house of The Lord and the ministers of God will serve as Sons and Daughters called by My Name.
From Mark Visser

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