Refiners Fire

There is a door open for all to walk through. To walk into the fire, refining fire. The fire that exposes the secrets of the heart and reveals the things that are done in private. The Lord sais, “I am coming to purify My bride. Pure, clean and undifiled purification. You will stand in holiness and darkness will repel from from you. Your frgrance will be My presence and anointing.

I see you (this generation) move in signs and wonders revealing the secrets of God’s heart and bringing healing to the nations.

I see you standing like pure silver, ultra refined, a highly polished vessel of honor. The picture I see is many silver vases of all sizers and description with two things in comon. Each vase has this inscription, Holy unto the Lord” and each vessel contains different facets of the Lord presence.

I see the Glory of the Lord rise like perfume from each vase and I see these silver vases positioned and set in a defilled place ( a refuse dump).

What I see next is amazing. The silver vases are emptied out and and the Glory of the Lord is poured out into the lives of the dead empty clay pots all around you. I see these clay pots transformed by the presence of God into magnificent vesels, of pure silver holy and dedicated to the Lord.

The Lord says to you, “draw near to Me and I will draw near to you, and My presence will consume you. I will use you to carry My presence to bring change to those around you. The process of carrying My glory is being refined by My Spirit. You will see new things happen all around you and I will be exalted through you.”

From Mark Visser

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