10 Essentials for Prophetic Business Leadership

Leadership takes on many different faces; it’s just a question of understanding how you lead and why.

Here are 10 key business leadership skills you will need to succeed as a Prophetic Business Leader:

  1. Lead By Example.The best way to lead is by example – Always call on the name of the Lord. Seek prophetic direction for the Lord and walk in the fear of God.
  2. Be passionate.A leader without passion isn’t a leader. Get passionate for the presence of God and seek first the Kingdom of God. Your gift will make room for you and usher you into the presence of the great. This means you’ve got to believe in what you’re doing and what your company is doing and give 100 % to what you are called to do.
  3. Be Organized.God is organized in His creativity. No two things are ever the same. Allow creativity to flow in you, through you and in and through your work place. Be led by the spirit and not controlled by tradition.
  4. Delegate and impart.Impart what you have to others and give responsibility and authority. To grow and increase remember the principal of the Word of God is to give and it will be given to you.
  5. Take Ownership and Responsibility.Be the Leader of your team and follow the ways of the Lord. Never impose your leadership and always serve from your position of leadership.
  6. Communicate Effectively.You carry the Word of the Lord with in you and the Word of the Lord is a sharp two-edged sword, effective in every area of life. Ask the Lord to touch your tongue and anoint your lips so that you will only speak His Word.
  7. Strive for excellence. Your DNA comes from the creator of the universe and your security is found in Christ. Your counseling comes from the Holy Spirit and excellence is to God and not to the competitive system of the world. Let the works of your hands bring honor to God in the public place and in the private place. In all you do let the excellence of God be your standard.
  8. Be Brave and Honest.Cowardly leaders will shy away from any number of situations that crop up regularly when running a team. The project your team has worked on for 6 months just got shelved. Now what?Or you have to talk to someone about their lack of effort recently. Do you ignore the problem?Or maybe it’s time to take your product into a new market. Do you hobble forward, scared and nervous, or do you grab the market by the throat?Leaders are brave.
And honest. Tell it like it is. Don’t sugarcoat, don’t obfuscate. Don’t be a jerk either. You have to learn how to present things to your team in an honest but balanced manner.
  9. Great Listener.A huge part of being a great communicator is being a great listener. If all you want to do is talk, you’re not a leader. Keeping people motivated means listening to them, asking them questions, understanding their issues. When you listen more, you can respond more effectively and get to the heart of things much faster.
  10. Know Your People.You have to know your people. You don’t have to be best friends or even socialize outside work, but you do have to know what makes them tick. You need to know something about their personal lives because their lives outside work matter. Their lives outside work drive a great deal of their success (or lack of) at work. Keep track of simple things: birthdays, marriages, children, etc. The more you know your people the more common ground you’re likely to find, the more you’ll be able to connect.
  11. Be a Follower.Benjamin Disraeli said, “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?”That sums up many of the other points so beautifully. Great leaders are followers too. If you’re a leader without following, you’re a dictator. And as fun as that sounds… Being a leader-follower means finding value in your team, getting inspired by your team, encouraging your team to communicate, brainstorm and be open.

Very few people are great leaders overnight. It takes time and practice. As long as you’re open about learning along the way and working with your team on leadership versus dictating to them, most people will be happy to go on the journey with you.

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