Dreams and Visions

Throughout Scripture, in the Old Testament and New Testament we see God wants communicate to all people. At times God spoke directly to the prophets, judges, kings, priests musicians and even to the general public.

Dreams and visions are perhaps some of the most common ways God has communicated with humankind. The Bible contains more than fifty references to dreams and visions in which God delivered messages.

When you add up all dreams and visions in the Bible, and all the stories and actions concerning the dreams and the visions, they total to about one-third of the Bible, nearly equal to the size of the New Testament.

Dreams and visions are one of the most common ways God has chosen to communicate with us.

Many people say, ‘I do not hear from God in dreams and visions’. The reason they think they do not hear from God through dreams and visions is because they do not remember their dream or vision, and when they do remember a dream or vision, they recall only fragments and scattered images or happenings that are not clear. This is what happened with Nebuchadnezzar. He had a dream that disturbed him a great deal, yet he could not recall what he had dreamed. God then showed the dream to Daniel and God gave Daniel the interpretation of the dream. (Daniel 2:1–47).

Everyone dreams one to two hours each night during a certain period of sleep known as alpha level, which is light sleep. It has been discovered that if a person has disturbed sleeping patterns preventing them from dreaming, after about three nights the individual will begin to show signs of stress and nervous breakdown. Both dreams and visions are an expression of a message received through the deep unconscious.
95 percent of our dreams are subjective that we can control or influence, either by what we eat or by wishful thinking.

Dreams are a means of communication from the spirit world as well as a release of the pressures of life from the soul man.

Daydreaming is utilizing the visionary process to manipulate desires into believing they are true visions. (Ecclesiastes 5:7) Ask God to give to you, a divine flow of dreams, visions and godly imaginations.

Over-indulgence the night before can affect the sleep pattern, though will not motivate a type of a particular dream or vision. Visions are more subject to our control. In a dream the Holy Spirit has more freedom to communicate with us as the mind of man is passive and cannot interfere.

Dreams and visions can be internal (subjective) or external (objective), and sometimes both. An objective dream or vision reveals something which has little to do with our personality or character, while an subjective dream or vision is mainly focused on the person having the dream or vision.

Dreams and visions are equally subject to the three sources of information that prophecy, words of knowledge and words of wisdom are subject to.

As a Christian it is not very difficult to discern from what source the dream or vision has come.

The Word of God says that the sheep know the Shepherd (John 10:14), and in John 10:27 “Jesus says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow Me.”

As children of God, we have discernment and discerning your dream or vision should be relatively easy.

Sources of Dreams and Visions

  1. A Word of God that comes through a dream or a vision will never push or invade, or cause you to have fear, anguish, hatred or lust. Though the dream or vision that comes from The Lord might reveal circumstances that will take place that might not be very comfortable to walk through.
  2. A dream from your own psyche will at most times place you on a pedestal and build up the self image, or even break the self image down.
  3. Dreams from the devil will invade and not give a witness in your spirit to the Word of God that is resident there.
  4. Outside influence. The things you watch, eat and entertain. What you feed to yourself will effect you during your sleep.

Reasons to listen to your dreams and visions.

  1. God said that He would, already has and will continue to communicate.
  2. 12;6Go He would.
  3. 12;10 He already has.
  4. Acts 2;17 God declared He will continue to.
  5. God will counsel you. Ps. 16;7, Job 33:14-18
  6. God will give reveal to you significant things. Gen. 15: 12,13,18
  7. God gives supernatural gifts. 1 Kings 3: 5,9,12,15

Things to help you remember your dreams and visions.

  1. Voice record or write out your dream or vision without addition and interpretation.
  2. Pray and ask The Lord to bring to your remembrance your dream or vision.
  3. Check the dream and vision out with a mature Christian.
  4. Confirm the dream and vision with scripture.
  5. Pray over your dreams and visions.
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