Dear Mark and Caron,

We are from Pretoria and two weeks ago, we had the privilege of attending a meeting on a Monday night.

We certainly came with expectant hearts, however, the Word we got was so precise that as a couple we had to go before the Lord and repent, we were on the verge of being statistics of a family suicide, and that was the death that Mark and his team saw hanging over us. It is amazing to see how we had not discussed it with anyone and yet God knew everything!

Peter works away from home, out of nine weeks he was only home for two days, we are still trusting the Lord that He gets other work, but we know that breakthrough is also here!

Anyway, this was just a note to say thank you, and that God used you all mightily to save our family!


Peter and Sonia

Hi Mark and Caron.

I wanted to testify to something you prophesied to me at the Worship conference at Gelofte.. It was amazing because one of the things you prophesied was that God would restore to us 7 times what had been stolen…(I have begun claiming this in every area of our lives that we have been robbed).. to give you some background

A few years ago, when R’s business was doing exceptionally well, he needed to have a type of filling machine made which would automatically fill his powder paint into bags for selling. This machine would enable him to supply the paint far more quickly than using manual labour and thus enable him to double his turnover.

R hired two men ( who owned a company that supplied curry & spices ) to make this machine for him and to cut a long story short, the men “visited” his factory while he was away, they went around the factory with his factory manager and a few months later opened up a company in opposition to R’s company selling the same type of paint that R. sold. They went directly to R’s two largest clients that supply the KZN government which basically used to provide us with R’s annual income. (These guys have since been supplying these clients instead of R… This has put us under incredible financial pressure because R is no longer their primary contact and if he gets business its only the crumbs of business..

One of the areas I have begun to claim God’s promises is – that God would restore to us 7 times what has been stolen from R. in his business…

Today, R. was called by one of these clients and asked to provide a quote for quite a substantial amount of paint…. This may be the start of answer to prayer as they have not contacted him for this type of volume in a really long time…

T. B

Dear Mark and Caron

We would just like to take this time out to thank you guys for your incredible ministry you have deposited to the ladies (and gentlemen) at The Haven.

Your input has been valuable and many lives have been changed and especially challenged.

Thank you for your passion about worship and imparting that very special message to us.

Ladies have being ministered to prophetically have been set free in many areas and enjoy the weeks that you are the guests.

At this time I would just like to not only thank you but also to say that you have become an important part of The Haven and we are praying for you continuously for God to open more and doors to you and your awesome ministry.

May God richly bless you and your excellent team. Yes excellence in ministry also.

God Bless

Love Rhona and the girls

Dear Brother Mark,

This past week I discovered something I didn’t know or had forgotten. A young lady in our church, newly married at that time had times of severe pain in her colon for six years or so. One of the first things you called out on the Sunday morning you were with us was colon trouble. After waiting, she shyly lifted her hand to acknowledge the word. She told me this past week she has not had a moment’s pain from it since!

To God be the glory! Be encouraged.

Much love,

David L.

Louisiana – USA


11 August

Dear Mark

I am not sure if you will still remember us, but I have been meaning to send this email ever since the weekend we’ve met you.

We were invited by Lizelle to a Sunday-session in April with you, perhaps that might ring a bell.

You spoke to both me and my husband that day.

  • First of all – thank you for telling me that I can trust my husband and that he is committed to me and our family (I needed to hear that “once more” and I must be honest with you, God has blessed us and in particular my husband – in particular since he decided to commit to Him)
  • Secondly, you did the most amazing thing as you were guided by God to pray for us – in particular to put my husband’s (Raymond) hands and your hands on my stomach. At the time we were just beginning to try to have a baby and the doctor picked up some irregularities in my cells – the last thing we anticipated was that something might be wrong with my health, we thought we are embarking on this new exciting journey in our life together – and we were devastated to learn that we might not be able to have a baby after all. To this day, I still believe that your prayer to God, made this all happen – as I am 17 weeks pregnant! It is going well with us and the baby and we can’t wait to have her/him in our presence in January 2006.
  • We are going through a challenge at my work now where we might have to reapply for our jobs, we have given this to God and trust that He will decide how this should work out for us – I am anxious, but I agree, we need to trust and be peaceful in Him.

I’m sorry it took so long to send this email, again, thank you for that day.
May you be blessed – even more than now.

God is Good!
R & A

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