The Lord says to you South Africa,
“The days of despising your brothers is now behind you. I have seen a unity of your coming together and now I will release and bring forth a wave of My Spirit in this land that has not been seen before.
I have cancelled your debt, and I am bringing freedom to My bride. Stand tall Beautiful one. Look up for your Redeemer will come with riders on horses and there will be a great awakening and many will see what I am about to do. Even now, as I speak to you I release a fresh wave of the true prophetic anointing and apostolic calling. There is going to be a laughter that will come from the middle of South Africa and spread to the boarders and coasts. You will see a release of healings that have not been evident for a long time.
Listen youth – listen to the Word of the Lord. You young people – I am giving the nation of South Africa to you. Go out in the power f My Spirit and raise the alarm on My Holy Mountain. A rain of My Glory is coming over you South Africa – Arise and thresh – take all that I have promised. Even now you will see the young and old stand side by side and declare the Word of the Lord, saying ‘Glory to the Lord most high – the Lord of South Africa – the Lord of our Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Lord of this nations reigns’
Be bold and pull down the high places that are an abomination to Me and come to Me and I will equip you through times of worship. Oh! South Africa, how jealous I have become for you – desiring that we would come to be together and communicate as lovers. I will come to you – to those who have sought My face and come to Me through a heart of Worship. There is a wave of My Spirit that will rise as the prophets stand in My presence and then go to stand in front of the people – Listen to My Voice and taste and see that I am good”

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