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PENTECOST - The Great Awakening -

PENTECOST – The Great Awakening


Pentecost literally means the ‘fiftieth day’.

Derived from pentēkostos fiftieth,

Derived from pentēkonta fifty,

Derived from penta and konta = 50 days

The old English word is pentecosten.

The Latin word is pentecoste.

The Greek word is pentekoste.



1.   Commemorating the Holy Spirit coming like tongues of Fire on the 120 in the upper room – This was on the 7thSunday (50days) after Good Friday.

2.  Shavout – Feast of Harvest or the Feast of Weeks- mission of the church.

Shavout was a regular Old Testament festival.

Shavout is mentioned 5 times in the first 5 books of the Bible.  Ex.23 & 24, Lev.16. Num. 28 and Deut. 16


In Palestine there were two harvests each year.

1. The early harvest in May and June. (Wheat and Barley)

2. The late harvest in August and September. (Grapes, Figs, pomegranates and Olives)

Shavout/Pentecost was the celebration on the first day of the early harvest, which meant that Shavout/Pentecost always happened sometime during the middle of the month of May to early June.

The celebration of Firstfruits was the celebration of the beginning of the wheat or barley harvest.

The day of Pentecost was always exactly 50 days after the day of First Fruits.  (This was counted from the 1stday of first fruits until the day of Shavout/Pentecost.)

The Jews celebrated Shavout (Pentecost) from the days of Moses for more than 1500 years, exactly 50 days after Passover.

The passover was prophetic for sacrifice of Jesus.

Jesus was crucified on the same day as the Jews where sacrificing their passover lamb.

Pentecost found in Acts 2 is the exact same day as the celebrated Shavout throughout History.


Pentecost is the most important day in Church History.


Pentecost is the day the church was birthed.


Pentecost was the day Jesus ordered the apostles to stay in Jerusalem for the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), so that they can be empowered to carry out their mission (Acts 1;8).

This empowering was not to an elitist few apostles, but to the 120 in the upper room.

This was for the birthing of the church.

There are many other significant and essential events and days – the birth of Jesus, the day Jesus was crucified, the day Jesus was resurrected and the day Jesus Ascended into Heaven.

The Church ‘Body of Christ’, is the family that was born at Pentecost and this is when the gift of The Holy Spirit was received. 1 Cor. 12;27,28 and 1 Cor. 12;7


Every celebration in history regarding the Shavout/Passover was prophetic pointing to the day of Pentecost.

The prophecy in the book of Joel concerning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was made manifest as the 120 received tongues of Fire and spoke in different languages on the day of Pentecost.

The 120 waited for the Holy Spirit and He came exactly 50 days after crucifiction of Jesus.

On Pentecost Day – the world was changed forever as the church was birthed and that same day 3000 joined the church.

The enemy has tried to distort the Truth of Pentecost and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit and subject it to heresy and false teaching.

The strategy of the devil was to control freedom for expression of worship during the dark ages by the Roman Catholic Church. Much truth was withheld from the true church and those who desired freedom to worship.

The Lord has continually and is still continually pouring out PENTECOST again and again in every season of life.  This is seen in waves of pentecost.




A.D 30               Pentecost – Peter, Ephesus, Paul

1300-1500       The Pre-Reformation Revival Lollards, Wycliffe, Hus, Savonarola

1517                   Martin Luther declared his 95 thesis of faith bringing revolutionary change to the church.  Followed by John Calvin, Zwingli, Knox

1727-1750       The 1st. Great Awakening, Zinzendorf, Wesley, Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards – the Moravian community called “Herrnhut” (the Lord’s watch), where a visitation from God was experienced after a period of prayer, repentance and reconciliation in 1727. Nikolas Count Ludwig Von Zinzendorf, a German, was the leader of the movement that began a 24 hour-a-day prayer meeting, which lasted the next 100 years.

1780-1810        The 2nd Great Awakening – Cane Ridge

1830-1840       Charles Finney, Hawaii Revival, Jamaica Revival

1857-1861       The Layman’s Revival Phoebe Palmer, Lanphier, D. L. Moody

1900                   Japan Revival

1901                  Kansas Revival, Apostolic Faith movement speaking in tongues.

1902                   South Africa and Australia Revival

1904                   Revival, Beginning in Wales
1906                   Evan Roberts, Korea, Moravian, Azusa Street

1907                   PyongYan Revival

1935-1950       W.W.2 Revival, Billy Graham, Duncan Campbell, N. Zealand Revival

1960                   The Jesus People, The Prairie Revival, Asbury Revival.

1965-1970       The Baby Boomer Revival.

1965                   Charismatic Awakening.

1970                 The Prophetic Awakening.

1980                   The Apostolic Awakening.

1990                   The House Church Movement and Mega Church Movement.

2000                  Market Place Ministry.

2020                   United Bride – Social Media Church – Family Church.


Pentecostals are one of the fastest growing religious groups in the world.


Almost no country in the world was excluded from the effects of this incredible PENTECOST outpouring revival.


Almost every nation, on each continent, received new power from heaven, a new passion for prayer and for the lost.



1. Be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and water baptized.

2. Pentecostals thank God for medicine and doctors and believe in Divine healing through Johovah Rapha. (Doctors practice medicine)

3. Evidence of the baptism in theHoly Spirit is the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.

4. Evidence of speaking in tongues and the gifts of The Holy Spirit.

5. Worship expressed through song, dance, prophetic acts, prophetic art and a life style of prayer is evidence of Pentecost made manifest in the life of a believer.

What God did 2000 years ago

on the day Pentecost with the disciples in the upper room

is being made manifest again for you and me today.


The world is about to experience a fresh wave of revival/Pentecost that change everything in life.

We will see the great awakening like never before.

We pray you will have a fresh Baptism of Fire and Pentecost will come to you today.

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