Monthly Membership Includes; 


PAST TEACHING – All teachings on file,  audio and video.

TRAINING MEETINGS THROUGH ZOOM – School of Prophets Zoom meetings, are live monthly interactive forums that are exclusive to members only. This is the main classroom where you will receive teaching, personal prophetic ministry and impartation. These zoom meetings twice a month are a safe place where you can exercise your prophetic and the place for you to minister the prophetic word to others in the meeting. All ministry are recorded in mp4 format and will be sent to you as soon the meeting is finished and the recording is complete.

VIDEO AND AUDIO LESSONS – Everything prophetic will be sent to you through these monthly video or audio files as well as posted exclusively in a portal for School of Prophets mentor on our website. The monthly video and audio lessons will be a valuable resource and reference for your ministry.  Interview corner is the audio or video that will cover questions that are sometimes missed in teaching sessions through live interviews one on one and in group setting. Mark and Caron will also exclusively share with you their teachings and personal experiences in ministry.

Q&A SESSIONS VIA ZOOM MEETING – Questions will be answered in Zoom meetings monthly strictly for School of Prophets mentor members. We invite you to email your personal questions to us and we will personally answer you.

KINGDOM MINISTRY – 52 Lessons on Kingdom Ministry.

PROPHETIC FACEBOOK GROUP – School of Prophets FaceBook Group is exclusive to you for the purpose of teaching and delivery of prophetic words. 

WHATSAPP TRAINING  GROUP – The exclusive on-the-go connecting place through WhatsApp for all of us at School of Prophets Mentor Group is the chat group to come together for prophetic encouragement, prophetic words and relationship building.

WHATSAPP WATCHMEN GROUP – The Watchmen WhatsApp group is exclusive to you and School of Prophets Mentor Group as a prayer platform for us to wage warfare as watchmen on the walls. We will stand our watch and collectively we hear and see what The Father shows us. United we will call on the Name of The Lord and we the School of Prophetic Mentors will be part of the mighty army of watchmen from many different nations and tongues. We will pray with prophetic anointing and we will see many signs, wonders and miracles.

NOW WORD OF GOD – sent out every week and is delivered on most social platforms every week to as many people as possible and is translated into multiple languages. From time to time, you may be requested to write The Now Word of God that will be sent out to the wider mailing list of Prophetic Equipping Ministries and School of Prophets.


LIFE changing

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn more about the Prophetic Ministry.

My life has changed dramatically, and my hunger to know Him deeper has increased as a result. 

I’m hearing God clearer than ever before and I’m understanding better how God uses me in the prophetic.

It’s been AWESOME!  


From Carol S.


Prophetic School

Romans 11;1

I long to see to see you that I may impart to you.

under construction 

I highly recommend taking the prophetic class with Mark Visser.

I believe that it is well put together, because I learned valuable information of who I am in Christ and what Christ can do through me.

I am totally impressed by the quality of teaching and bible based lessons provided, given with fresh Godly inspired insight.

As we are called to be the light in the dark places.

This course will equip you to plug into God and be brighter and anointed to carry out God’s call on your life.


Sandra H.

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