Unlocking Potential


As I sat looking at the grains of mustard seed on the table, I remembered an old adage:

‘You can count the mustard seeds on the tree but you cannot count the number of trees in one mustard seed.’

Trapped inside one tiny mustard seed in the palm of my hand was a forest of mustard trees.

How could this potential be unlocked?

It must be planted in the ground.

The seed must be sewn


The plan of God for your life is for you to enter into your full potential for success and fully achieve all that God has for you. Your dreams, desires, goals, and plans can all be achieved through applying God given strategies.

This process of planting and sewing is death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

It is known as the rhythms of grace.

For the mustard seed to be productive, it must first be buried to find life.

Jesus said, in John 12; 24,25

‘Truly, I tell all of you with certainty, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it produces a lot of grain. The one who loves his life will destroy it, and the one who hates his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life.’

Man never achieve maximum fruit or even maintain control in their life, simply because they refuse to lay down their all to Christ.

To maximize your full potential, you must identify your personal mustard seed. What is your mustard seed?

For the widow of the junior prophet who had died in 2 Kings 4, her mustard seed was the little oil she had left. This was her trade secret to release her into her destiny. She went to the prophet Elisha and said to him, ’your servant, my husband the prophet is dead, and the creditors are coming to take my sons as payment for that debt.’  As far as she was concerned, she had nothing available or in her power to generate the finances to pay her debt.

The prophet analyzed her situation and asked her a question.  2 Kings 4;2  “What can I do for you? Tell me what do you have in your house? Her answer was, “ your maidservant has nothing but a small jar of oil.”

As far as she was concerned she had nothing of value that could provide a solution for her crisis. She did not see the seed she had that was her trade secret. This seed / small amount of oil, used correctly was sufficient to unlock her destiny and meet her needs for the rest of her life. Elisha instinctively saw the potential in the seed and gave her prophetic guidance on how to tap into the resource.



After identifying your resource, you must discover what to do with it.

The widow knew she had a little oil, but she never perceived the potential or how to capitalize on it. By divine revelation, Elisha revealed to her what to do:

“Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbors, empty vessels, and don’t gather just a few. And when you have come in, shut the door behind you and your sons, and then pour it into all those vessels.” 2 Kings 4; 3-4

The widow fully obeyed the prophetic word and received according to the word. The little oil was more than enough; it paid for the total debt. It paid for the children through their youth and covered her personal needs even into her old age.

In this miraculous way, God spared her family from disaster.

God has given to you potential to do exceedingly abundantly, and more than you can imagine. Your potential is your mustard seed faith, it is your gift that is in your hand, and it is your calling and vocation for life. It is your little bit of oil that you have, your mustard seed that is your trade secret to success.



There will no doubt be obstacles that you will face. This is part of the course. Usually the greatest obstacle we all face is the voices of the past. The voice in our own head and the voices of family and friends. These voices of yesterday need to be silenced. Our ears are so positioned on our head to catch the sound that comes from in front of us. Our eyes are not at the back of head. All our precautionary senses are designed to be forward focused and not focus on the past.  The prophet gave the solution to this. He said to the widow, ‘shut the door behind you.’ 2 Kings 4;4



By shutting the door behind you on past experiences, hurts, opinions from others, possibly miscarriages and failures from good ideas, you will open the door to the new thing that God will do for you.

Your mustard seed will take root and not die. It will grow well and God will complete the good work He began in you. God will perform a miracle, when you silence the voices of the past and hold onto the promise of new beginnings and hope.

Victory was not assured until the door of the past closed and she began pouring her small jar of oil into the first empty container. That small seed in your hand will never become a mighty producing until you plant it into the ground. The only way to reap a harvest is by sewing the mustard seed and pouring the little oil you have. She could have collected all the vessels and even closed the door behind herself, but until she poured that little oil or planted that seed, nothing happened. As soon as she fully followed the principals that unlocked her potential, then only was she free.

Elisha did not say to the widow close a door. It was a clear instruction to close a specific door, namely the door behind her, namely her past.

For the widow to gain wealth, she first needs to let the wealth flow from her.


There are four principals that assure maximum fruit in your life.


Know what your mustard / oil is. (Your gift)

Collect as many empty vessels as possible. (Do not randomly sow your seed – sow your seed into good fertile soil)

Close the doors behind you. (Doors of unbelief, failure, hurt and negative talk)

Sow your seed / pour your oil into the life of others. (To experience gaining wealth, you must first have flowing wealth)


Flowing Wealth.

To have wealth flow through you:

You need to do it with a joyful heart.

You need to do it unto the Lord.

You need to do it according to your faith.

Gaining Wealth – To have wealth come to you, you cannot give what you do not have.

You need to gather some empty vessels.

Pour what you have into the lives of empty vessels.

Close the doors to unbelief and create some wealth.

Sell the oil, and make enough to pay the debt and live on the rest.

She had to become a business person – ‘God will give you the ability to generate wealth with the work of your hands’

What is your Oil / Mustard Seed / trade secret?


What can you give your life to 100% for the rest of your life?


What does everyone want from you?


What is the talent that God has given to you?




The widow was to collect empty vessel and just few. No number of empty vessels was allocated to her. She could have chosen to collect two, maybe twenty, or even two hundred. What happened was that she followed the word of the prophet and when all the vessels were full then only did the oil stop flowing. Preparation often determines the level of success. If she collected more empty vessels then more oil would flow.


God is not limited in His giving.

We are limited in our receiving.


We are limited in our receiving by our own unbelief and disobedience.

Jesus said in Luke 6; 38, “give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom. For the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

And Paul said in 2 Cor. 9; 6-8 “he who sows sparingly, will reap sparingly and he who sows much will reap much…”


All of us need a supernatural miracle at some point in our lives.
The widow was in dire straits. This widow woke up one day in debt. In fear of losing her two sons to slavery to cover her debt. All she had was a little oil. Rather insignificant to her. By sunset this same widow became a regional distributor, had paid all debt and had accumulated enough wealth to take care of children and live off for the rest of her life.




This woman had God’s provision in house all the time and she never knew it.

Jacob found Himself in a place were he said, ‘surely God was in this place, and I did not know it.’ Gen. 28; 16

In Isaiah 43; 19 we see God will do a new thing, it will happen now, and we must be careful that we do not miss it.


We must be aware of the miracle maker walking with us each day.


How differently would we behave if we walked in conscious reality that God is will take what is in your hand and use it for the posterity of the nations.


God wants you to know your seed and give, close the doors behind and go plant your seed into good soil.





If we modernize the story of the widow and speak economics of today, then possibly her story would read like this.

Her husband was junior prophet and had accumulated huge debt.

He unfortunately died with no medical aid, insurance pay out or workers benefits.

His wife the widow was about to lose their house, and all her possessions. She possibly would need to relocate and her children would lose out on their education.  She possibly could lose her children and been found unfit to care for them and have them taken away from her care and sent to a boarding institution.

All she had in her house was a little oil. Now to an oil baron in the North Africa, BP or Caltex, a little oil could be a few million liters of oil. But to this widow a little oil was possibly 500ml. 

In the natural, there was no hope. The little oil she had was not enough to even cook a meal with.

This little oil was her untapped wealth. She was about to unlock her full potential and receive big time.

Lets say the widow was 30 years old.  (In the story of 2 Kings 4, this widow would have possibly been 20 years old as woman got married off at around the age of 15 yrs. old.) 

Let say her total debt, (bond, car, credit cards, school fees, etc.) was an amount of R 2 000 000,00 and all she had was little oil / a mustard seed.

Lets say her children were 10 yrs. and 8 yrs. old. (I say this because if they were not weaned then no one would want them and if they were older than 13 yrs. old they already would be working.) Educating these two boys through school and through Varsity calculating their age and modern day costs for both of them until they went to work for them selves would be huge. Excluding food, transport and day-to-day living costs even up to her old age, after these boys had left home.

My thoughts are, this modern day widow would need in excess of R.5 000 000.00 to pay her total debt and cover all her living expenses until the day she died.


    2 Kings 4; 7 Then she came to the man of God, and he said to her, “go sell the oil and pay your debt and you and your sons live on the rest.


Look at your small mustard seed and see your potential.


You are not looking at a mustard seed.


You are looking at a forest of mustard trees.


God has given to you greatness.


GREATNESS is inside of you.


The Word of God says that Christ in you is the hope of all glory.  Colossians 1:27


As part of the team of Prophetic Equipping Ministries, I pray that God anoint you and open your eyes to the riches unseen.

You have been destined for glory and great things lie within you.

I encourage you to sow your seed wisely.

Jesus spoke of the farmer that scattered his seed.

25% on thorny ground,

25% on dry ground,

25 % on the path

And 25% into good soil.


This farmer was not a wise farmer. He lost 75% of his power.

Make sure that 100% of your seed goes into good fertile soil that will produce a harvest for your future.



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