There is a prayer that changes earthly kingdoms, culture and even the elements around us.

To declare the decree of The Lord is to pray the prayer of Heaven.

When you declare and pray, you must engage with elements that work against the things you are contending for.

You must not be Devil focused. 

You must be element focused.

Anything that is an obstacle to the divine purpose of God in your life must be removed verbally and these things can be removed through the power of prayer.

When you declare the decree of The Lord, then the word itself becomes spirit and life.

Every obstacle you face that is contrary to the will of God, must be dealt with using your voice.

Your authority is in the voice.

Do not abandon your personal responsibility.

This is the time to PRAY.

You are anointed.

You are blessed.

You highly favored.

This is not time to shrink back and be silent.   

This is time to declare what He has decreed and pray the prayer of Heaven.

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